NVIDIA has announced that the annual GTC 2022 conference will be hosted virtually from March 21 to 24.


Hosting a new-filled presentation by CEO Jensen Huang and more than 1,400 speakers, industry leaders, and experts alike alongside top researchers in various sectors gather in this 3-day virtual event wonder to talk about AI, HPC, and graphics-related applications with the speech by the Leather Jacket man himself delivered during March 22, 8 AM Pacific Time. While registration is not required to view the keynote, those who register for the event (and for free, of course) will be enrolling themselves into a lucky raffle of winning a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti! (Click here to register)

The topics that will get covered include things like accelerated computing, deep learning, data science, digital twins, networking, quantum computing, and computing in the data center, cloud, and edge with more than 20 dedicated sessions on how AI can help visualize and further climate science.

Here are some of the most prominent figures that will be speaking in one of the sessions:

  • Andrew Ng, founder of DeepLearning.AI, founder and CEO of Landing AI
  • Dr. Bjorn Stevens, managing director, and director of the department, The Atmosphere in the Earth System, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
  • Chelsea Finn, assistant professor of computer science, Stanford University
  • Hao Yang, vice president of AI Research, Visa
  • Jack Jin, lead machine learning Infra engineer, Zoom
  • Joe Ucuzoglu, CEO, Deloitte U.S.
  • Lidia Fonseca, chief digital and technology officer, Pfizer
  • Magnus Östberg, chief software officer, Mercedes-Benz AG
  • Marc Petit, general manager for Unreal Engine, Epic Games
  • Markus Gross, vice president of Research, Walt Disney Studios
  • Michael Russinovich, CTO and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure
  • Natalya Tatarchuk, director of global graphics, Unity
  • Peter Stone, executive director, Sony AI, and professor of computer science, University of Texas, Austin
  • Stefan Sicklinger, head of BigLoop and Advanced Systems, CARIAD/VW Group
  • Yu Liu, director of AI, Meta
  • Zoe Lofgren, member of Congress, U.S. House of Representatives

Other organizations participating include Amazon, Autodesk, Barclays, Bloomberg, Cisco, Cornell University, DeepMind, Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Flipkart, Google Brain, Lockheed Martin, NASA, NFL, Snap, U.S. Air Force, and VMware.

As per tradition, GTC is also one of the best timings for participants of all academic/career stages to get the most up to date knowledge about things covering the GPU and AI spectrum presented by NVIDIA’s own subject-matter experts coming from the Deep Learning Institute (DLI) and Academy department. Specifically, students and early career professionals can enroll in introductory courses like deep learning and robotics sessions “The Right Formula for AI Success: Insights from AI High Performer”, “Deep Learning Demystified” as well as the “5 Steps for Starting a Career in AI” while experienced developers can go for DLI courses lasting for 20 free, short-day sessions and 17 full-day workshops, to dive deeper into AI and earn a DLI certificate demonstrating subject-matter competency. From Feb. 21 until the end of March, new members of NVIDIA’s Developer Program can get access to an additional complementary GTC DLI course when they sign up.


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