As reported by many, the PS5 is known for its incapability of outputting 1440p signals due to the hardware design and consideration made to support high gaming standards in addition to following the more common “multiple by 2” formula which is also the case of standard video resolutions. But now, MSI has a  trick up its sleeves and promises to solve this issue through the introduction of Console Mode.

MSI Console Mode Comparison

In Console Mode, the 1440p monitors will become capable of accepting 4K signal from the PS5 and proceed to downscale the 4K images to 2K resolution which is in true 2K quality while for other non-supported models, it can only accept 1080p signals and upscale it to 2K which makes everything blurry and unclear. Through this function, fellow PS5 gamers will not need to worry about this issue anymore.

Here is the list of supported monitors for the time being. Click here if you need more information about the eligible models, especially if you own one of these and plan to play your PS5 on it in the future.

  • Optix: MPG341CQR, MPG341CQRV, MAG342CQR, AG321CQR
  • Creator: PS321QR

With most PS5 players are aiming for 4K and the upcoming 8K mode, the Console Mode is able to solve the problems of 1440p users which is still quite mainstream in the current and recent future. Let’s hope MSI brings this feature to more monitors in the long run, especially the more budget options.


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