MSI has just announced that both its Intel and AMD motherboards now officially support memory capacities up to 256GB, with 4 DIMMs for 256GB and 2 DIMMs for 128GB configurations.

MSI Intel and AMD motherboards support 256GB memory capacity 1

This memory capacity upgrade applies to Intel 700 and 600 series DDR5 motherboards, and gamers or enthusiasts who want to leverage these improvements must update to the dedicated BIOS.

While not every model’s BIOS update has been rolled out in the initial batch, MSI has stated that the unreleased ones will be available sometime in late February and March. Here’s a list of the released BIOS updates:

ModelBIOS Version
MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX7D85vA31(Beta version)
MEG Z790 GODLIKE7D85v191(Beta version)
MEG Z790 ACE MAX7D86vA32(Beta version)
MEG Z790 ACE7D86v1A2(Beta version)
MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI7D89vA34(Beta version)
MPG Z790 CARBON WIFI7D89v1B3(Beta version)
PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI7E07vM31(Beta version)
PRO Z790-A WIFI7E07vAA1(Beta version)
Z790MPOWER7E01vP12(Beta version)
MAG B760M MORTAR MAX WIFI7E01vH81(Beta version)
MAG B760M MORTAR WIFI7E01vM81(Beta version)
MAG B760M MORTAR MAX7E01vM81(Beta version)

MSI Intel and AMD motherboards support 256GB memory capacity 2

As for the AMD support, all AM5 models which include X670, B650, and A620 motherboards now accommodate the increased memory capacity. The good news is that the dedicated BIOS for these motherboards was released last month, so all of them are ready to support up to 256GB of memory capacity.


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