Lenovo Malaysia has announced a strategic partnership with Austral Techsmith to bolster the functionality of Austral Techsmith’s advanced 5G smart pole technology that is planned for rollout in Malaysia.

Lenovo x Austral Techsmith launches 5G smart poles in Malaysia 1

This partnership aims to incorporate Lenovo’s AI-driven solution, ThinkEdge SE50, into Austral Techsmith’s 5G smart poles to provide city councils and government agencies with enhanced AI-powered video analytics.

Boasting intelligent edge capabilities, the ThinkEdge SE50 is powered by an Intel Core i7 vPro processor and offers cutting-edge features as well as excellent data processing performance. With mounting kits compatible with lamp posts, it facilitates traffic monitoring in congested areas and allows for dynamic adjustments to traffic light control systems.

On top of that, it packs an array of I/O ports which include 4 NICs on embedded compute nodes to deliver stronger connectivity, elevating real-time data collection for improved decision-making and automation.

Lenovo x Austral Techsmith launches 5G smart poles in Malaysia 2

Thanks to the reduced latency, the ThinkEdge SE50 also enables real-time detection of hazardous situations like unauthorized vehicle presence, wrong-way driving, erratic vehicle behavior, and accidents, which aids in swift intervention, accident prevention, and evidence-gathering.

In line with its commitment to driving societal progress with innovations, Lenovo extends a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) option to Austral Techsmith and its customer that allows for the lease of ThinkEdge, eliminating initial expenses and making advanced technology more accessible and economical for organizations and city councils aiming to adopt AI video analytics.


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