Need a business-ready, no-compromise workstation machine that money can buy? Then take a look at the new Lenovo ThinkStation P8 Workstation system as the brand’s local office officially launched it just last week.

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 Workstation 1

Endorsed by the Malaysian government’s “AI For Rakyat” initiative, the machine is ready to foster the growing scene as well as demand for generative AI through its raw computing hardware of up to an AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7995WX and an NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada with 48GB VRAM with support up to 1TB of DDR5-4800 RAM as well as various storage device interfaces of M.2/U.3/SATA. The motherboard itself also contains 10GbE for high-speed interconnect between systems and the Internet.

Lenovo ThinkStation P8 Workstation 3

Even though training and developing AI models are mostly done in a Linux environment in which the ThinkStation P8 supports Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise by the way, that doesn’t stop users from utilizing it for other purposes like 3D modeling and heavy industrial applications with multi-GB projects powered by Windows application so yes, it can also do Windows 11 Pro if users need it.

Adding to the fact that the top specs might be too much for your average prosumer or SME to handle, therefore Lenovo is offering a wide range of customizability in terms of memory and GPU options for the most suitable build within one’s budget.


The online page for the Lenovo ThinkStation P8 Workstation is already live and the starting price is listed at RM18,789 but there are the usual Business and Education special discounts so be sure to get the best deal and save back potentially thousands for the next budget spending.


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