Lenovo has announced they are going to assist fellow IT businesses in reducing their carbon footprint through the new Lenovo Intelligent Sustainability Solutions Advisor (LISSA) service.

Lenovo LISSA

Fundamentally a Gen-AI-powered feature, LISSA is going to help enrolled customers by investigating and procuring basic information about their company followed by actionable
sustainability insights that usually encompass things like estimated emissions and the impact which can be remedied by some recommended customized solutions that help with achieving sustainability goals.

Of course, since the service is made by Lenovo, the customized solutions are actually revolving around the brand’s other offerings like TruScale Device as a Service (DaaS) and Asset Recovery as well as general practices within the industry including packaging efficiencies, lower-carbon shipping options, lifecycle extensions, certified refurbishment, and more.

Recent surveys points to 87% of executives believing AI will enable the potential to unlock insights such as Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) mitigation as well as other climate issues through various new pathways. With Lenovo LISSA, the brand is confident to help various IT businesses to see that believe come into fruition.

Here are some statements from Claudia Contreras, the Executive Director of Global Sustainability Services for Lenovo:

“At Lenovo, we’re keen to underscore that sustainability is a business imperative and top of
mind among leaders across all industries,” “A new capability in our growing sustainability portfolio,
LISSA arms customers with data and AI-powered recommendations to guide their IT purchasing
decisions. By bringing sustainability attributes front and center, we enable customers to unlock
potential emission reduction opportunities and deploy IT solutions that help drive sustainability

“There is no one defined path; each customer is on their unique sustainability journey and needs
access to data to measure progress. Lenovo aims to help customers make real progress with
data-led sustainability insights. AI-enabled recommendations and data intelligence will help plan
and optimize IT investments with sustainability in mind. Lenovo can help organizations of any
size compare multiple IT solutions in real-time, design an end-to-end IT solution that fits budget,
computing, and help support sustainability goals,”


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