An internationally recognized broker JustMarkets celebrates its 12th anniversary by launching the #IloveJustMarkets birthday promo, welcoming traders to participate. JustMarkets serves a diverse and expansive client base, providing a wide array of trading products and account options. This promotion is a warm “Thank you” from JustMarkets team to their trading community, who build trust and keep evolving during an amazing 12 years together. The exciting prize pool of $120,000 will be shared between JustMarkets community of traders.

How to Participate

Traders and investors interested in joining the #iLoveJustMarkets birthday campaign must meet a few requirements. Participants must be registered on JustMarkets and have an active trading account with at least one lot traded. Active JustMarkets partners who have referred at least one client are also welcome to participate.

To enter the #iLoveJustMarkets promo, participants should follow the company on social media and share their trading story or experience with JustMarkets on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram using the hashtag #iloveJustMarkets. Follow JustMarkets, tag our official account in your post, and submit the link through the provided form to be considered for prizes.

Rewards for Sharing Your Experience

The #IloveJustMarkets Birthday Promo rewards your engagement and creativity in sharing your exciting trading stories and experience with JustMarkets. The first 4,000 participants will each receive a $30 trading promo code. JustMarkets team will also select the top 10 most compelling and heartfelt stories from traders specially selected to highlight our anniversary celebration to give them an amazing $120 cash prize.

This promo is a tribute to the resilience and growth of our trading community for more than decade. It offers everyone a platform to share their strategies, victories, and learning experiences. It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with a broader traders community, draw inspiration, and add your voice to our rich collection of trading stories.

Visit the JustMarkets website for more details on Terms & conditions and how you can be a part of the #IloveJustMarkets Promo. Join us in marking this milestone with stories that embody the spirit and passion of traders worldwide.


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