A couple of months ago, we have reported Intel’s announcement of the 3rd generation Xeon Scalable processors. Fast forward to today, Intel has teased that the presumably named 4th generation will support HBM technology at ISC 2021.

Intel 3rd gen Xeon Scalable 2

Intel has always been the leader in the field of HPC and AI thanks to their strong software-based optimization dedicated to those sectors so it is kind of good news that the company is finally adopting hardware-based technologies in order to push the performance graph higher. HBM can provide high bandwidth for data to flow in and out of the process line and workloads involving simulation, AI model training and In-memory database require all the memory speed and bandwidth they can get so the technology is especially important for large scale computing systems in the peta to exascale range. Therefore, it is quite the excitement to see the codenamed “Sapphire Rapids” next-gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs put into work.

Intel Ponte Vecchio

Other than this, Intel’s “Ponte Vecchio” Xe-based HPC GPU is now at the phase of system validation where it will soon be pushed into the market in the OCP Accelerator Module form factor and subsystems to serve all sorts of scale-up and scale-out applications. Advancements in networking are also revealed together where the new High-Performance Networking with Ethernet or HPN for short, extends Ethernet technology capabilities for smaller clusters in the HPC segment by using Ethernet technology while at a lower cost. Lastly, the new DAOS which is Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage, is built as an open-source software-defined object store built to optimize data exchange across Intel HPC architectures.


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