PC casing and accessories specialist LIAN LI has recently revealed several new products and prototypes during its Digital Expo 2.0 event a couple of days ago.


The first “still in development” item is the UNI FAN SL120 INFINITY that succeeds the tradition of LIAN LI’s daisy-chainable fans. Designed based on the standard SL120, the INFINITY refers to the glass-like structure of the infinity mirror that reflects tasty RGB to every single corner of itself alongside the chassis for an unforgettable lighting party. The center of the backside also contains a LIAN LI logo.


Next up, the LANCOOL III which is the 2nd “In-Progress” item, features a hinged glass side panel and shroud panel that extends to the front for easy opening and closing while the top and front panel uses mesh for optimal airflow. Surprisingly, the front I/O panel is relocatable by moving to the bottom of the front panel to suit the user’s need while extra HDD cages have been added as well. The last notable feature is that it is designed to house all kinds of motherboards from mini-ITX to E-ATX, making it one of the most flexible choices you can pick.


Moving onto the smaller stuff, the Q58 is a kind of special one as it has 4 kinds of different designs surrounding the entire small form factor case that provides modularity alongside great cooling and radiator support. If you don’t like it, the designs are swappable or reversible in some sense. It has also been improved to support both SFX and ATX PSUs and triple-slot GPUs are still compatible as well. Oh, don’t you worry about the front panel audio cable as well as it has been increased by 5cm.

LIAN LI O11 Air Mini

Following up the small size chassis topic is the O11 AIR MINI that is designed to be as simple as possible. With a meshed top and right-side panel for good airflow, don’t be fooled by its deceptive size as it can host full ATX PSUs, motherboards from Mini-ITX to E-ATX, and storage up to 6x 2.5” drives or 4x 3.5” plus 2x 2.5” drives.


Here, the A4-H20 is an all-aluminum small form factor case that came into fruition thanks to the collaboration with DAN Case that takes the overall appearance for a fresh new spin with sharper edges and improved style while moving the front I/O and power button to the left side of the case. The slight size revision also enabled the A4-H20 to host 1 extra SSD at the bottom of the case, a 3-slotted GPU, and a 240mm AIO through the newly integrated radiator mounting bracket.


Meanwhile, the O11D EVO is designed to be fully reversible thanks to the redesigned top and right mesh panels. Several aspects have been improved as well such as a toolless radiator bracket, cable management bar, and stronger clips together with a new see of accessories.

LIAN LI V3000+

Lastly, the V3000 gets an enhanced “Plus” edition as the V3000+ retains the iconic dual system support, multi mobo orientation, up to 20 hard drives, and a wide array and combination of radiator + fan configurations. What’s upgrading are the removable front and top panels that unblock full mesh panels and new buttons to open the side panels while the internal 10 HDD bays are splitter into 5 but every single of them are now removable.


As the first 2 items are the mentioned prototype, they may take a longer time to enter production whilst getting some details changed. On the other hand, the rest are finalized and will be made available for the world in the foreseeable future.


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