AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz. The all-new AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz kit features a DDR4 XMP 3600 16GB (8GB*2) design. Users pairing the new AORUS RGB Memory with select GIGABYTE motherboards will be able to use the AORUS Memory Boost to accelerate DDR4 speeds to 3733MHz for superior memory performance. AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz comes with a greater number of built-in LEDs to offer extra fluidity to the lighting display.

In addition to the exclusive light modes from the previous generation memory kit, the new Wave2 rainbow lighting effect can be used in synchronization with other components, offering incredible style. AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz comes with both the RGB ready memory modules and the RGB ready dummy modules. Users can select their own memory profiles to work with and showcase their own lighting styles. Performance, style, and value, AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz offers it all, staying true to the AORUS style.


The first generation AORUS RGB Memory Kit took the industry by storm with its excellent reviews and sky-high demand. GIGABYTE is back for round two with the new AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz which features 16GB(8GB*2)DDR4 XMP 3600MHz specifications and 18-19-19-39 timing. Users who are looking for more than XMP 3200MHz will be able to take full advantage of the higher memory frequency on this new kit.

AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz is compatible with both Intel and AMD chipset boards, offering the best performance regardless of the platform. As always, AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz adheres to GIGABYTE Ultra-Durable standards and has been tested under rigorous testing conditions to ensure that the new memory kit offers the most reliable performance.


Many users often look to overclock their RAM and tweak their timings for higher memory frequencies and better performance. Memory overclocking can be a hit or miss though with users often spending lots of time trying to unlock better memory performance to little effect as their overclocked memory performance falls short of their expectations.

To address this demand for faster memory frequencies and overall performance, AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz supports the GIGABYTE exclusive AORUS Memory Boost function. With AORUS Z390, X570 motherboards, and XMP enabled on the new BIOS, users can activate the Memory Boost function and boost their memory frequencies to 3733 MHz without tweaking the timings. This allows for a 4% increase in read/write performance without overclocking so users don’t have to spend extra to buy XMP 3733 MHz memory but spend it on peripherals instead to build a more powerful system that also suits the user’s budget.


AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz features aluminum heatsinks with an anodized hairline surface for a professional, stylish look and a screwless design for extra structural integrity. The main body of the heatsinks is chamfered and the AORUS styled groves offer a smoother grip on the memory sticks so users won’t scrape their fingers when seating the memory sticks. AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz heatsinks are 3x denser than standard heatsinks and provide superior heat dissipation. The multiple grooves on the heatsink provide an extra surface area which also bolsters heat dissipation to prevent excess heat from slowing performance.

A fan and critics’ favorite from the first generation memory kit, the patented RGB dummy modules are back again in full force and enable users to fill out their memory configuration with the added effects of impressive RGB lighting. Users won’t have to spend an extravagant amount to buy extra memory kits to fill out their memory configuration as they have 2x RGB memory modules and 2x RGB dummy modules for their DIMM slots. Those who want higher-capacity memory can also get 32GB capacity memory to upgrade their overall memory performance.


Supporting the original design for RGB lighting, AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz takes it up a notch and offers 12 digital LEDs for a more fluid and robust lighting display. Exclusive lighting strips and effects illuminate the AORUS design patterns to give the memory sticks a more vivid but not too sharp lighting glow.

By using the GIGABYTE exclusive RGB Fusion App, users can synchronize their components with the RGB lighting effects and play around with the various lighting modes including the new rainbow lighting mode too add more diverse lighting patterns to their system. With the customization of RGB lighting offered, users can showcase their own RGB style with the impressive lighting on their PC components, highlighted by the RGB memory lighting.

GIGABYTE AORUS RGB MEMORY 16GB 3600MHz has started shipping and will be available soon. For more details, please refer to the official AORUS website:


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