Step Aside, Peasant RAM. G.SKILL’s Trident Z5 Royal Has Arrived. That’s right, G.SKILL has officially launched the Trident Z5 Royal series, the successor of the Trident Z Royal and the latest addition to its the high-performance DDR5 memory lineup. This new series caters to both enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance and builders prioritizing aesthetics.

  • G.skill Tident Z5 Royal DDR5 Gold 1

The Trident Z5 Royal inherits the luxurious design language of its DDR4 predecessor. The mirrored-finish aluminum heatspreaders, available in gold or silver, exude a premium feel. Complementing these are the signature crystalline light bars, offering full-length customizable RGB lighting for a truly regal aesthetic.

Beyond its looks, the Trident Z5 Royal boasts impressive performance specs. It pushes the limits with speeds reaching DDR5-8400 CL40, ideal for overclocking enthusiasts. Capacity options range from a substantial 48GB (2x24GB) kit to a massive 96GB (2x48GB) configuration, catering to demanding workloads. Compatibility with the latest Intel XMP 3.0 profiles ensures seamless overclocking through your motherboard’s BIOS.


The G.SKILL Trident Z5 Royal series is expected to hit shelves through G.SKILL’s global distribution partners by late May 2024. This new DDR5 offering presents a compelling choice for builders looking to combine top-tier performance with a touch of regal flair in their next PC build.


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