While originally for laptops, CAMM2 is making waves in the desktop world too. MSI recently unveiled the Z790 Project Zero Plus motherboard, the first desktop motherboard to support CAMM2. This could signal a future where desktops benefit from CAMM2’s space-saving design and potentially improved airflow.

MSI Z790 Project Zero motherboard CAMM2

LPCAMM2, or Low-Power CAMM2, takes things a step further. It utilizes LPDDR memory chips, known for being more power-efficient than DDR. This makes LPCAMM2 ideal for ultra-portable laptops and handheld devices where battery life is king. Samsung debuted their LPCAMM design in late 2023, and the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 (Gen 7) became the first laptop to sport it in 2024.

CAMM2 stands for Compression Attached Memory Module. It’s a new standard for DDR memory (think high-performance laptops) that boasts a slimmer profile compared to traditional SO-DIMM modules. This design offers potential benefits like a cleaner look, improved airflow, and maybe even better performance due to the layout. While details are scarce, it’s definitely a glimpse into the future of PC memory.

CAMM2 memory

CAMM2 and LPCAMM2 are still fresh on the scene, but they offer exciting possibilities for both laptops and desktops. Their compact size and potential performance benefits make them technologies to watch. Whether they become the new standard remains to be seen, but they definitely represent a step forward in memory design. Also, we’re looking forward to seeing what MSI will be showcasing at Computex this year and hopefully, some readily available demos on display!


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