Aside from the superior and premium tier Trident Z5 lineup, G.SKILL is also going to release another set of DDR5 RAM that is more affordable and lower profile than the formal and you know what it is, the Ripjaws S5 series.

G.SKILL RipJaws S5 DDR5 1

Made to go hand in hand with rigs that have fewer spaces i.e ITX/mini-ITX builds, the 33mm-tall RAM kit is made with high-performance IC chips that provide the best balance between performance, stability, compatibility, and price point. Due to its wider target audience, the Ripjaws S5 series also carries a more minimalistic design approach with either a Matte Black/White shroud with tiny holes to facilitate heat removal and is aesthetically compatible with most builds in the market. Although not the highest speed money can buy, they are being offered from the baseline of DDR5-4800 frequency up to a maximum of 6000 so that gamers can also enjoy plenty of performance without smashing all piggy banks at once. For capacity, all SKUs at launch will carry a total of 32GB in a 2x16GB configuration.

Here is the CL timing reference chart for the low-profile RAM modules.

G.SKILL RipJaws S5 DDR5 Specs


G.SKILL will be shipping the Ripjaws S5 DDR5 low profile RAM starting next month which is also the expected timeframe of Intel’s 12th Alder Lake CPU as well.


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