There are many PC cases that exist in the market today. We have the high-end stuff all the way down to the affordable budget cases and yet they come with a variety of sizes. Though, we commonly only consider mATX and ATX cases – which is what the Tecware Alpha series of cases offer.

Introducing the Tecware Alpha and Tecware Alpha M – they’re ATX and mATX cases respectively, with prices lower than RM200. As the price is so low, we were really surprised by what both of these cases have to offer.

Watch our video here where to take a tour around both the Tecware Alpha and Tecware Alpha M.

From what we can say – both of these cases are really fantastic in, especially in the airflow-focused designed and its practicality in cleaning and mounting hardware. It comes with a robust set of front I/O as well, although the Tecware Alpha M comes with one less USB 3.0 port.

Tecware Alpha Tecware Alpha M

Other than that, the fully breathable front panel is fantastic here as well. While we do think that the front panel is a little difficult to remove because of the long plastic pegs that snap into the chassis frame, it is easy to clean. For the Tecware Alpha, it even has a magnetic fan filter as opposed to the double-layered mesh on the Tecware Alpha M.

Tecware Alpha Tecware Alpha M

You are able to mount up to a 280mm radiator at the top of the case. If you have a thicker radiator, the Tecware Alpha and Alpha M has a bit of leeway and offset from the motherboard tray, giving some extra space for the radiator.

Tecware Alpha Tecware Alpha M

Another interesting aspect to note about the Tecware Alpha M is the hard drive cage. It uses a different mounting mechanism whereby a single case that houses a 3.5-inch hard drive internally, and you can also screw another 3.5-inch hard drive on top of the cage with its included anti-vibration pads and semi-threaded screw. Interesting.

Furthermore, the Tecware Alpha M also allows you can also move the hard drive cage a little bit to the front or back of the case. This can open up more space for the power supply to hide excess cables.

Other than that, another jarring difference between the Tecware Alpha and Alpha M is the power supply shroud itself. Like it or not, they’re made the way it is now.

Tecware Alpha Tecware Alpha M

Either way, these two cases are priced as such:

  • Tecware Alpha – RM189
  • Tecware Alpha M – RM159

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