September 08, 2014, Malaysia – Intel launched their new Core M processor today during the Intel Core M: Power on the move Event and we arrived early to the event, hoping to be able to experience the latest technology from Intel as soon as we can.
Karen Chow, Head, MNC and Telco of Intel Malaysia and Singapore briefing us on Intel’s Roadmap and the current trend that they’ve observed.
The all new Intel Core M processor introduced, featuring better performance, low TDP of 4.5W that makes possible for thin fanless design and improved energy efficiency for longer battery life.
Intel Core M powered device compared to a supposed 4 year old device.
The Intel Core M Processor die map, featuring Tri-Gate 3-D Transistors Technology. 
Looking forward from renown OEMs to come up with their own design of Intel Core M powered 2-in-1 devices – We’re expecting ultra thin, lightweight and fanless design! 
Clifford Tan, Channel Platform Manager of Intel Malaysia presenting the benchmark result of the  Intel Core M powered 2 in 1 device, Llama Mountain.
Consume less power yet beats the i7 4610Y in 3DMark 1.1.0 Ice Storm benchmark.
Better battery life with up to 8.6 hours of HD video playback.
Clifford showcasing the engineering unit code name Llama Mountain which weighed only 1.47 lbs and 0.28 inches thin. Thanks to its low TDP that makes fanless design possible, there’s no longer a need for extra fans that adds up the thickness and weight.
Impressive responsiveness of the Intel Core M powered device as demonstrated by Clifford.

Look inside, as Intel HD Graphics 5300 is capable of screen resolution up to 2560 x 1440. The soon to be available Intel Core M powered device will be powered by Intel Core M 5Y10Intel Core M 5Y10a and Intel Core M 5Y70

The power of 14 nm fabrication, size comparison of the  Intel Core M processor next to a 10 cent coin.
New technology doesn’t comes cheap as the Intel Core M is currently targeting the premium market and each Intel Core M powered device is expected to comes with a retail price of at least RM4000 or more. We’d hope to see the transition from premium to mainstream in the nearest future in enhancing the accessibility of Intel Core M powered device in terms of price.
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