Want to do something good for our society even during this tough time while staying gaming-centric? You can now do so thanks to Dota 2 pro Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung’s Esports Academy Donation Drive.

Esports Academy Donation Drive by Mushi

Supported by some of Malaysia’s popular IT brands which are Cooler Master, XPG, and ZOTAC Gaming, the event is created to provide a little bit of warmth to our society through the efforts of Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK), an organization that provides meal support to the homeless, poor and Orang Asli population for more than 13 years and still going strong. In recent years, they have stepped up their operation to even include the unfortunate that reside within urban areas so that nobody gets left behind by helping as much as they possibly can.

Therefore, gamers can be a part of the driving force behind this event by joining the Dota 2 boot camp where registrations are currently live until September 1 and participants will be guided by Mushi himself. Although the entire event is free from the start, participants are strongly encouraged to donate according to their wish to help KSK further down the line with all donations received go directly to the organization. As for the gaming content, Mushi will be teaching all 5 roles of Dota 2 through numerous replays via Discord and train players to adapt skills and mindsets through friendly matches. Additionally, Mushi himself will shoutcast these games with his fellow friend HusKKiee by fitting in as the analyst role.

Click here to access the Google Forms registration page. Be noted that only a maximum of 90 seats are allocated so quickly decide whether you have the time to get some real training from the TI 3 semi-finalist himself.


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