Dew Challenge 2017

Dew Challenge 2017, Amateur DoTA 2 tournament has come to an end with Singapore team TenTwenty emerging as the champion. The finale took place at Comic Fiesta, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and received an overwhelming response from the fans.

Dew Challenge 2017

Dew Challenge 2017
TenTwenty – from Singapore

The great Dew Challenge 2017, DoTA 2 Tournament kicked-off in Penang where over the course of two days, teams battled to claim the top four spots within the region to proceed to the group stage. Similarly, the tournament took place in Kuantan, Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Selangor followed by Pasir Ris at Colosseum and Outram at Alienware in Singapore. A total of 24 teams from Malaysia and 12 teams from Singapore made it to the group stage. Thereafter, only the top strong and surviving teams will proceed for a final battle and claim their championship title and SGD50,000 prize money.

Dew Challenge 2017
Virtual Genesis from Malaysia


The success of previous years’ Dew Challenge has unlocked huge opportunities for winners such as Yeik Nai Zheng, also known as MidOne. He became the second-best player in Europe and is currently a member of Team Secret, an e-sports team based in Europe. Similarly, last year’s winner Chong Jia Hao, also known as VT Faded, made it big in the e-sports scene after the tournament. He is now part of a China based team called Nga Gaming. These outcomes from the Dew Challenge are an enormous achievement for not only Mountain Dew, but also the nation as it allows more Malaysians to be recognised internationally. For this reason, the brand aims to continuously provide a platform for gaming enthusiasts to fuel their passion.

Dew Challenge 2017
Kids Adults from Singapore

As eSports is becoming extremely popular, there is a rise of professional eSports athletes who compete on an international level. Mountain Dew aims to host the annual Dew Challenge to encourage more youths to unlock their potential and to constantly challenge themselves.

Dew Challenge 2017
CR1 Stratos from Malaysia

Santharuban added, “This year’s Dew Challenge is bigger and better than before as there were live streaming coverage. The Mountain Dew brand have decided to add more thrill by opening up the tournament to Singaporean gamers to participate as well, fuelling the competitive spirit further across the countries”.

For more information and updates of the tournament, fans can visit Mountain Dew’s Facebook page and microsite page


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