Equinix has announced a new tier of fully managed private cloud service dedicated to the building, testing, and deploying of custom generative AI models.

NVIDIA DGX AI Supercomputing with Equinix

Powered by the NVIDIA DGX AI Supercomputing infrastructure, the package includes NVIDIA DGX systems, NVIDIA networking, and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform with Equinix handling the installation and operation on behalf of their client within key International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers around the world.

With it, enterprises can access all tiers of AI training and inferencing performance without the immense overhead cost of hardware. Companies with early access from the fields of biopharma, financial services, software, automotive, and retail have also come together to create an AI Centers of Excellence too.

Clients benefit from operating their AI infrastructure in close proximity to their data thanks to high-speed private network access to global network service providers while meeting data security and compliance requirements.

The full suits of NVIDIA Enterprise software toolkits including pre-trained models, optimized frameworks, and accelerated data science software libraries are ready to put anyone who used it at a much quicker pace of building the final product.

And of course, clients will have experts from NVIDIA and Equinix to help them with AI and deployment-related inquiries.


The Equinix fully managed private cloud service with NVIDIA DGX AI Supercomputing infrastructure is available for access to day.


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