All of a sudden, Dell reveals a laptop that is made in partnership with AMD – the Dell G5 15 Special Edition Ryzen, or Dell G5 15 SE Ryzen for short. As the name suggests, this is a new variant of the existing G5 15 SE, but fully powered by AMD hardware.

As AMD’s dominance starts to spread from the desktops to laptops, Dell unveiled the G5 15 SE Ryzen – and it is using AMD’s latest mobile hardware too:

  • 15.6-inch 1080p IPS LCD with 144Hz refresh rate
    • FreeSync compatible
  • AMD Ryzen Renoir-H mobile CPU (4th Gen Ryzen)
  • AMD Radeon RX 5600M GPU
  • Up to 16GB RAM
  • Up to 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD

Not only that, but the G5 15 SE Ryzen can also use the AMD SmartShift technology to dynamically allocate power between CPU and GPU for a better gaming experience.

Dell G5 15 Special Edition Ryzen

While Dell has stated that the G5 15 SE Ryzen does have RGB backlighting for the RGB keys, you’ll have to customize them via the Alienware Command Center. It is quite weird to see that some of Alienware’s software is used in the Dell Gaming too, by the way.

The Nahimic 3D Audio is also integrated into the Alienware Command Center, so you can have an even more immersive audio experience.

Dell G5 15 Special Edition Ryzen

Another new feature Dell is also introducing is the Second Screen. No, it’s not like Razer’s collapsible screen setup in a single laptop – but it’s a companion app on phone that connects to the laptop. Within this companion app, your laptop’s status is displayed.

Dell G5 15 Special Edition Ryzen

From the description we have, the Dell Second Screen displays the CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. In a way, you don’t have to alt+tab out of your applications to look at the task manager to obtain this information – just look at your “second screen”.

The Dell G5 15 SE Ryzen will be available starting with the price of USD $799. Dell also stated that this laptop will be available in April 2020.


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