DeepCool has announced a couple of new products that include the new AK500 CPU air cooler and mid-tower form factor casing CH510.

DeepCool AK500

For starters, the AK500 is made to tackle some of the hottest chips around, be it Intel or AMD. Featuring 5 large copper pipes and a 12omm FDB PWM fan, it can match any CPU processor of up to 240W while maintaining a simple and easy installation process.

The angled offset is also a pretty smart design choice by DeepCool as this clears out additional space for the RAM slots so they don’t press against each other. Included along with any purchase is mounting brackets for both AMD and Intel so that you don’t need to worry about which side you’re supporting.

Supporting platforms include AMD’s AM4 and AM5 while Intel’s are LGA20xx, 1200, 115x, and 1700.

DeepCool CH510 Black and White

On the other hand, the new CH series mid-tower casing featuring the CH510 in colors of Black and White offers a sleek and minimalistic look with excellent compatibility across a variety of hardware in the market. Enjoy placing a 360mm radiator on the top or front panel or just go ham and place up to 9 units of 120mm fan (5x 140mm is also okay too) if you desire. As for GPU support, you can as long as 380mm while the CPU air cooler’s at 170mm.

To my surprise, DeepCool actually included a retractable headphone holder in the shape of a bar that can be pull out on the top left side of the front panel to maximize space usage.

Price and Availability

While availability is subjected to the local market, at least DeepCool provided an MSRP for fellow buyers to take note.

  • DeepCool AK500 @ USD54.99 (~RM245.23)
  • DeepCool CH510 Black @ USD59.99 (~RM267.53)
  • DeepCool CH510 White @ USD64.99 (~RM289.82)

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