DeepCool, a prominent global brand in computer hardware and peripherals for enthusiasts, is gearing up to make a significant impact at CES 2024. The showcase, located at the esteemed San Polo room in the Venetian convention hall, assures an immersive experience for industry professionals, partners, media, and exclusive guests. Attendees can anticipate firsthand encounters with DeepCool’s eagerly awaited upcoming products, promising innovation and excitement in the tech world.

Air Coolers

Assassin 4S

Deepcool ASSASSIN 4S Large

The Assassin 4S boasts a sleek design complemented by a cutting-edge single high-performance 3-phase, six-motor 140mm fan. This innovative addition ensures low noise and significantly enhances cooling efficiency.

All-in-One Liquid Cooler

In addition to the Air coolers, DeepCool introduces a range of state-of-the-art AIO – the MYSTIQUE and the MYSTIQUE PLUS versions with two new variants featuring 2.8” and 3.4” IPS display screens. Users and enthusiasts can now personalize their AIOs by uploading custom colour logos, animated GIFs, and videos, or switching to PC status. These AIOs have high-performing FT series fans, ensuring top-tier cooling performance.

Mystique 240/360

Deepcool MYSTIQUE 360 Large

Mystique 420 Plus

Deepcool MYSTIQUE 420 PLUS Large

PC Cases


Deepcool CH360 Series Large

The C360 MATX cases boast digital LCD screens, paired with a triumvirate of ARGB fans, two of which are powerful 140mm units situated in the front, channelling copious amounts of airflow.


Deepcool CH160 Large

The CH160 MITX cases, featuring a compact design with a convenient handle for easy transport, allow for a 172mm CPU cooler height limit, making air cooler tower additions a breeze for maximum cooling efficiency.

CH160 Digital

Deepcool CH160 DIGITAL Large

The CH160 Digital, a unique variant, introduces a vertical orientation with a digital status display screen at the bottom of the chassis.

FT Series Fan

DeepCool also showcases its prowess in fan technology, unveiling a new high-performing design with the FT series fans. From slim form factors to high-performance 140mm variants, the FT series offers a wide array of options, providing a significant performance boost.

FT12 / FT14

Deepcool FT12+14 Large

FT9 Slim / FT12 Slim

Deepcool FT9+12 Slim Large



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