Hisense CES 2024 Media Event, held in Las Vegas, emphasized scenario-driven concept and product innovation, showcasing advancements in display technology. The event drew 441 global media representatives from nearly 20 countries, reflecting a 26% increase in participation.

Hisense, led by David Gold, VP of Hisense International, has consistently pushed display technology boundaries, integrating screens into daily life. The company’s products like ULED, ULED X, and laser display technology offer high-quality home entertainment with premium picture quality and versatile options for gamers, sports enthusiasts, and movie buffs. Hisense’s B2B display technology has widespread applications in sports, education, and medical fields.

hisense ces2024

During the event, David VanderWaal and Douglas Kern highlighted Hisense’s achievements in 2023, particularly as the leading brand in integrating Mini LED across its premium lineup. The 110UX model, with over 40,000 backlight zones, set industry benchmarks in black levels and contrast, earning it the CES 2024 Innovation Award. The U7 and U8 Series, featuring Hi-View Engine PRO for advanced image processing, and the 75UX, Hisense’s thinnest Mini-LED TV, were also showcased.

In laser display technology, Hisense introduced innovative products such as the Dynamic Zone Laser TV and Ultra Slim Laser TV. The Dynamic Zone Laser TV, equipped with local dimming technology, enhances brightness, contrast, and color gamut for an optimal viewing experience. The Ultra Slim Laser TV stands out as the smallest 4K 88-inch laser in the industry.

David Gold emphasized Hisense’s commitment to integrating display technology into everyday life, crafting scenarios that go beyond screens and become part of people’s stories. The company’s future plans involve pushing the boundaries of display technology to provide consumers with immersive, scenario-based experiences.


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