Another week has gone by, and we have words from Sun Cycle that two new CPU coolers from DeepCool have been brought into the market, both of which are fitted with digital screens.

DeepCool AK620 Digital CPU Cooler

First off is the AK620 Digital, which has a sleek dual tower design with ARGB and a brand new digital screen that displays CPU status and temperature in real-time.

Boasting 6 heat pipes that offers heat dissipation up to 260W TDP, it also includes an all-metal mounting bracket kit for easy installation and is compatible with the latest generation Intel and AMD processors

DeepCool AK400 Digital CPU Cooler

Similarly, the AK400 Digital delivers identical features as the AK640 Digital, with the exception of 4 heat pipes capable of dissipating up to 220W TDP while measuring at 155mm in height with 100% RAM clearance.

Pricing and Availability

Both the CPU coolers from DeepCool are now available in Malaysia at the following prices:

  • AK620 Digital CPU Cooler— RM325
  • AK400 Digital CPU Cooler— RM169

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