After 10-plus years, CS: GO’s real successor is finally live as Counter-Strike 2 takes over the Steam weekly chart of “Most Played Game”.

Counter Strike 2

Powered by Source 2, the improved fidelity and responsiveness are just the “under the hood” update only the most hardcore and skilled players would care about and notice while all the other “rich flex” pimps are just showcasing their Howls and Dragon Lores in every possible moment.

Counter Strike 2 Benchmark with NVIDIA Reflex

Anyway, NVIDIA Reflex is supported from the get-go and allows players to gain faster responsiveness by minimizing system and peripheral latencies while increasing FPS marginally through this one feature alone.

With up to 35% reduction, the very best setup can enjoy latencies as low as 5ms so that the “I lost because of 2 frames slower than the enemy fragger” doesn’t haunt you ever again.

On the other hand, the NVIDIA Frameview tool allows anyone to benchmark and test the latencies of each and every system while the true physical hardware-assisted LDAT is also available for the most ‘professional’ testing experience.


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