We’re here today at the Melia Kuala Lumpur Hotel to attend the first and ever Corsair Event in Malaysia, a collaborative effort of our local Corsair distributor Cudo Technologies with Corsair. Greeted by a Corsair Dominator Platinum banner, let’s head on and see what awaits us ahead!

Getting ourselves registered for the event and we’re good to go.

Entering the hall, the lineup of Corsair products on the right immediately caught our attention.

Some of Corsair’s best and popular choices of power supply units on display, wish they’re out of the box so we can have a better look at these babes.

Now here’s some extra spices, some of the latest PC chassis from Corsair – except for the Obsidian 350D and the Carbide 400R Arkham Knight mod. Starting from the left, Obsidian 450D,  Carbide Spec-01, Carbide Spec-02 and Carbide Spec-03. 

Here’s some familiar looking fans

The AF140 LED fans are here as well, wish there were more variety of colors.

The Raptor Series optical gaming mice, which one do you prefer more?

Here’s the Carbide 400R Arkham Knight mod done by our local enthusiast, Mr. Alex Wong featuring the small but mighty AMD APU and the PSU cover from Mod’n’Go Design.

Awesome looking build modded by Goldfries.com, not only it looks good, this monster packs a wholesome goodness of gaming power too.

Another mod by Mr. Alex Wong – Mr. TUF 2.0 with airbrush painted digital camouflage design not only on the Carbide Air 540, but also the components inside – Thermal Armor of Asus Sabertooth Z87,  EK waterblock backplate. 

More Corsair products! From the left, Corsair SP2500 speakers, Corsair Vengeance K70 & K65 mechanical keyboards, Corsair Memory products, Corsair Voyager flash drives and the beast of Obsidian Series PC chassis, the Obsidian 900D.. 

Some of Corsair’s very best memory products available on the market.

A new flash drive from the Corsair Flash Voyager lineup, the Corsair Voyager Go. This is something that will truly benefits the android smartphone users. We’ll be covering this in our upcoming review, so stay tuned!

Small but mighty, the Corsair Obsidian 250D modded by our local elite, the one and only APES.my code name Atlas.

This little guy is able to contain even a full sized graphics card, thick 120mm radiator of the Corsair H80i. Will it be the best ITX chassis of the year?

Check out those patterns at the side of the Atlas!

Now the crowd is ready, let the fun begin!

A warm greeting from Corsair’s South East Asia Regional Sales Manager, Mr. Harry Chen, following by company overview, current existing products and up coming products.

Director of Cudo Technologies, Mr. Anson Chen further elaborate details on the up coming PC Chassis from Corsair. 

Brief details on the soon to arrive Graphite Series 730T.

As well as the Graphite 760T, this is one of the most aesthetic looking PC chassis we’ve seen this year. 

A brief but detailed comparison against the competitors.

One of the new member in the much affordable Carbide series, the Spec-02 being introduced. Would you look at that, larger window on the side panel. 

Not only does it shares many similarities with the Carbide Spec-02, the Carbide Spec-03 also comes pre-installed with  the LED AF140. 

Brief details on the features of both Spec-02 and Spec-03.

An exclusive presentation on PC modding by Mr. Alex Wong who has his work presented in this event, Arkham Knight and Mr. TUF 2.0 as the final agenda of this event. 

That’s all for the Corsair Event this time, brief but meaningful event that brought up a lot of wow element which many are waiting for and we do hope that Corsair will have more similar event in the coming future. 

*Spoiler 1 — Corsair’s exclusive Cherry RGB is coming around June of 2014, with price ranged at $140 to $150.*

*Spoiler 2 — Corsair’s AX1500i is coming around the beginning of May 2014, price is yet to be announced*

*Spoiler 3 — The long awaited DDR4, arriving around June/July of 2014, hopefully the motherboards manufacturers are ready with the chipset by that time!*