Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 1
As the system requirements for games with sophisticated graphics are getting higher on each release, gamer and enthusiasts attempt to squeeze as much performance as possible from their system with various method such as overclocking, SLI & Crossfire. When such action takes place, a good power supply unit with high efficiency is required to ensure a strong and stable power is being supplied to the components so that the components involved will be able to perform at its best. 
In today’s review, we have a Cooler Master V750S power supply – the highest available model in the 80+ gold rated semi-modular VS series power supply from Cooler Master.
*SRP for the Cooler Master V750S is at 449.00 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) each

Technical Specifications
5 Years from Cooler Master
150mm x 140mm  86mm
Input Voltage
90-264Vac (Full Range)
Input Current
5A – 10A
Input Frequency Range
50Hz – 60Hz
Active PFC (>0.9 typical)
90% Typically
Mean Time Before Failure
>100,000 Hours
Output Capacity
120mm intelligent fan
80 Plus Gold
MB 20+4 Pin x 1
CPU12V 4+4 Pin x 1
PCI-e 6+2 Pin x 4
SATA x 8
4 Pin Peripheral x 6
4 Pin Floppy x 1
Operation Temperature
Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 3

At first glance, I quickly noticed that 80+ gold rating badge and the silver colored box which seems to be emphasizing the highlighted features offered by the V750S. Brief but detailed presentation allows almost anybody to notice these features easily.

Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 5

Inside the box, the V750S is secured in between 2 pieces of eco-friendly box cover that provide scratch protection and a certain degree of shock protection. 

Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 7

The content of the box is our V750S power supply unit, 4 pieces of flat modular cables ( 2 pieces for SATA & 2 pieces for 4-pin molex), a power cord, 4 pieces of mounting screws and a user’s manual. To our surprise, there’s no cable tie included as most manufacturer would have included.

Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 9

Cooler Master utilizes the honeycomb ventilation design and a long life 120mm double ball bearing fan for a long lasting optimal heat dissipation. 

Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 11

A closer look at the cables of the V750S, everything seems pretty similar to the G550M that we have reviewed earlier. The necessary cables attached by default – 24 pin for motherboard, 4+4 pin for CPU, .6+2 pin for graphics cards, while the 4 pin molex connector and SATA connector are made modular.

Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 13

while flat modular cables gives better advantage in cable management, there’s something that we’ve noticed which somewhat defeats the purpose of having a modular interface. Instead of having 4 pin molex and SATA combo cable, the modular cables are separated to 4 pin molex only and SATA only. Although users with larger chassis such as full tower and mid tower aren’t really affected much by it, it’ll still be great if there’s a single modular cable with 4 pin molex and SATA combo that will clearly benefits those who uses a small form factor chassis.

Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 15

From the power delivery details provided, we can see that’s an impressive amount of power delivered by the 12V rail. The V750S is capable of running a system with GTX660 SLI configuration without even breaking a sweat. 

Our Verdict

We have test conducted that involves gaming session on high demanding games ( Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Metro: Last Light) and the CPU/GPU demanding Stanford University’s Project Folding@Home. The result is very pleasing, showing no signs of hiccups throughout the test. But then again, by looking at reality straight into the eye, we believe that there isn’t many who would really go till the extent of stressing the power supply unit like what we have done throughout the entire test that took roughly 3 weeks .

– Flat modular cables for better cable management
– Powerful +12V rail that is enough to power up almost any high end graphics card
– Promising efficiency of a 80+ Gold certified power supply

– Absence of cable tie
– Lack of SATA & 4-pin Molex combo modular cables

There’s no doubt that the Cooler Master V750S is one of the best semi-modular gold rated power supply you can get at the price below 500 Malaysian Ringgit and it truly deserves a Gold Award and Recommended Award from us here at

Cooler Master V750S Power Supply Unboxing & Overview 17


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