Power supply manufacturer FSP has announced the buffed version of the Hydro PTM series, the Hydro PTM PRO lineup of PSUs. It is announced to comply with builds ranging from mid-tier to enthusiast/workstation PC systems, especially those fitted with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series GPUs to fully recognize the potential of the hardware while keeping the overall rig as silent as possible.

FSP Hydro PTM PRO 850 1000 1200W 07

It is built to last even in harsh environments with it’s “Off-Wet” conformal coating at the outside and a 3-layer coating on the inside, particularly the PCB. Packing them both together and you get dust, stain, and humid-resistant component that withstands up to 95% humidity level. Featuring Japan-made 105ºC long-life electrolytic capacitors with copper bars situated between the mainboard and daughterboard, it rivals other server-grade PSUs with a super tight voltage regulation at a 1% deviation accuracy at any load changes for extreme stability which is also part of the factor it gained the 80 Plus Platinum rating with maximum efficiency achieving 92% through a single 12V rail DC-DC module that comes with protection against over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature.
FSP Hydro PTM PRO 650 750W 06

Speaking of the 12V single rail design, the new RTX cards will consume up to 350W during peak draws which the PSU is designed to handle it with ease. Meanwhile, the high-power 5VSB circuit is able to provide up to 3A current to power up other devices or charge a smartphone as quickly as its original charger. To chill off the immense heat produced by the PSU, the fan is a big one utilizing premium fluid dynamic bearing for low noise and long life span while dissipating heat quickly. Not running heavy loads all the time? The semi-fanless mode will only turn on the fan when the internal load exceeds 30% for a zero noise setup during idle or low-load periods.

FSP Hydro PTM PRO 650 750W 05

The series is taking a fully modular design for easy installation and clean cable management with the flat-ribbon shape that also allows better airflow thanks to the minimal profile. For the 850W, 1000W, and 1200W models, 3 CPU 8+4 EPS power connectors are available to juice up the highest enthusiast, HEDT, and even workstation-grade motherboard. To comply with the latest Intel power delivery standards, the Hydro PTM PRO is compatible with the ATX12V v2.4 & EPS12V v2.92 specifications alongside the IEC 62368 compliance for additional safety guarantee. A cute little side note is that the side stickers are interchangeable that allows users to match the design and color of their build.

Pricing and Availability

The FSP Hydro PTM PRO series has not yet reached Malaysia yet so here is a reference MSRP in the meantime while we wait for the distributor to announce local pricing.
650W: US$164.99 (~RM685.95)
750W: US$189.99 (~RM789.88)
850W: US$214.99 (~RM893.82)
1000W: US$249.99 (~RM1039.33)
1200W: US$269.99 (~RM1122.48)


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