The RazerCon 2020 is bringing the global community altogether for a full-on digital showcase produced by Razer and affiliated hardware and software partners.

The event will be held on October 11, 12 a.m. Malaysia time and live-streamed across major social network channels including Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter starting off with a keynote from the CEO Min-Liang Tan. There are going to have a variety of exciting events and activities, from exclusive reveals of new Razer products to previews of upcoming games and concluding with an online concert featuring performances by fan-favorite EDM and metal acts.

All viewers will be able to interact with the stream to participate in contests and giveaways that feature the Razer Blade 15, peripherals, partner hardware alongside in-game items, and beta keys from participating game studios.

Global mixed reality, Reactive RGB, Exclusive Contents – all in one RazerCon

razercon raffle

The keynote apparently will be presented against the iconic Singapore skyline for a mixed reality experience featuring Razer’s latest products, services, and announcements through the use of augmented reality effects fitted into live-composited visuals shot through real-world photography and video footage.

Meanwhile, the Livestream is supported by the Razer Chroma RGB that not only is going to be on-premise but also users at home will be able to sync their Razer Chroma-enabled devices to the effects exactly like the event so that viewers can be within their home as well as at the venue, dancing to world-class performances from top EDM artists, and heavy metal band Sabaton as well as Herman Li from DragonForce, all delivered through Razer THX tuned by professional sound engineers.

For partner content, many game studios will be joining the fray to present exclusive previews of upcoming titles such as Empire of Sin, Torchlight III, and even a glimpse of the movie adaptation of Mutant Year Zero directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull. Additionally, expect content from premium partners such as Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Western Digital, ASRock, Paradox Interactive, Perfect World Entertainment, Capcom, and many more

For more information,  visit the event page down below.


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