Razer has announced their yearly big event Razercon is returning for the second time next month that is promised to be bigger than ever.

Razercon 2021 1

The format will most likely following last year’s with the entire event circling around being a marquee gathering for snake cult fans around the world to join up and celebrate everything related to gaming with things like the first reveal of some of Razer’s upcoming products or something special that has never been shown to the public and of course, there will lots of previews related to games, giveaways with exclusive deals happening on previously released items and/or including partner offerings as well.

Happening on October 21 (11 pm for Malaysia), the Razercon 2021 will be kickstarted by none other than its CEO Min-Liang Tan hosting the keynote introducing Razer’s past and future, its ecosystem, partner content, and more. If you have the Razer Chroma RGB enabled, you’ll also be happy to know that the feature is also returning that synchronizes the live event’s RGB patterns and lightings to your local machine so that you can really feel yourself participating in the festival. And thanks to the help of fellow industry partners, the Razercon 2021 will be a completely carbon neutral experience by offsetting all the consumed energy powering all viewer’s equipment with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) carbon credits.

The event will be streamed across Razer’s TwitchFacebookYouTube, and TikTok accounts but for the best chat experience, I suggest going to Twitch is the better option here. Remember to spam your PogChamp whenever you can to blend in with the crowd.


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