And so the day has come, 3rd day of the ASUS LAN Party. It was a wonderful experience to everyone of us who attended the event, gaming and mingle with the participants was really fun. Without any further adieu, let’s get back inside and see what’s the highlight of the final day of the ASUS LAN Party!

Our experience with Watch Dog using Vector Desk PC, a seriously hard to tame beast when it comes to 4k display.
Early birds already started gaming with the Strix demo PC.
Another Q&A gift spotted on the table of a participant, it’ll be great if it’s a real PC! 
Iren Modz started his work early in the morning, upgrading the PC of a participant.
Meanwhile at the sales booth…
Team MBT member wanted to spice up his rig with a bling of the Aurora LED Strips!
Assisted by Teck Liang, he’s deciding pm the desired color of LED that he wanted for his rig. 

Meanwhile the LAN Party crews interviews the nominated rig owners to decide for the best rig for the event.
Nominated participants are required to give an introduction on their rig and the winning line for them to score the meat.

This participant is introducing his rig to the crews and his method of modding this rig.
Our dear friend Shahz got his rig nominated as well, he’s now introducing his rig to the crews and the effort that he has put into building his dream machine.
The owner of Mr. TuF 2.0 is introducing his rig to the crew members
The crew members checking out another nominated participant and his rig
Quek from Team MBT got his rig nominated as well and he’s now introducing his rig to the crew members.
The Bitfenix Prodigy project ZEUS from Mod n’ Go Design is as well nominated, the crews are now checking on it.
This beasty SilverStone TJ11 mod is part of the nominated rigs as well, the owner feels very proud of his rig – it comes with a custom LCD panel at the front!
The ROG Themed build from Team MBT got nominated as well, the proud owner of this rig is introducing his rig to the crew members.
Last but not least, the Asiimov from our friend here at got nominated as well. This is by far, the most unique rig that we’ve seen. 
The crowd puller of the day, Gang Beast! A very enjoyable game especially when a bunch of friends is around.
Gabe Newell? 
Another lucky draw going on! This time, the draw is based on randomizer.
The lucky winner got himself a Zenfone 5!
Juan Chong of ASUS Malaysia proceed further with his introduction on the Strix Gaming product line.
The owl based theme Strix Gaming series from ASUS
Q&A session for the Strix Gaming presentation, the fastest guy to raise his hand and answer earns himself a ROG Maximus VII Ranger motherboard!
After a tough decision, the crew picked the Asiimov from as the best looking rig of the event. The rig owner won himself a brand new Zenfone 5 black!
That’s all for the ASUS LAN Party, it was really fun and we hope that there’ll be more LAN Party in the coming future! Huge thanks to ASUS Malaysia for putting up a huge effort in making this event possible, we truly enjoy the event!