And so we’re back in the Asus DIY master tour LAN Party for Day-2!! Note the number of participants have increased from the previous night.

Hello ASUS LAN Party!

Another BitFenix Phenom-M is spotted right at the entrance!

Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 made it as well!

Our dear friend Teck Liang is helping out at the sales booth. Up for sale are some of Asus branded GPU, some chassis and accessories from BitFenix and NZXT as well as BlackNoise and Unequal Technologies LED strips.

Jacky Lim, Business Development Director of ASUS Malaysia is giving his speech, welcoming all the participants.

Look at the crowd… now that’s what a LAN Party is!

Juan Chong of ASUS Malaysia giving his speech and insights of the event.

The key persons behind the ASUS products that you’re using in your rig, huge thanks for their effort for bringing in the products!

The lunch was awesome as well, everyone is enjoying their meal.

Portability at it’s best? a Dell Alienware laptop for LAN Party isn’t a bad idea at all.

and neither is a PlayStation 3!

Some of the rig we saw last night have new LED strips installed

Aurora LED strips infection begins!

And the golden Thermaltake lvl10 is up and running!

One participant has his monitor setup in an unique way… anyone into vertical display?

And the IronMan build is running at 50% capacity (without the liquid cooling loop), cooled by Cooler Master V8GTS.

Vector PC desk is also on display with a 4K setup! participants are urged to try Watch Dogs game on this.

We also did a little quick upgrade on the Silverstone Fortress build, with an Asus ROG Matrix Platinum R9 290X !! courtesy of ASUS Malaysia.

Took a shot at this angle to show the cables provided by BitFenix Malaysia, clean enough?

We also swapped out the Corsair 330R for this Limited Edition Cooler Master Scout II, cooled by Thermalright’s Archon SBE X2. Graphical power will be be from the Crossfire setup of an R9 280X Dcu II and a HD7970 DirectCU II, both from ASUS. We’ll come back later once we’ve finished installing the PSU.

And finally, the BitFenix Phenom Gold that we put up for show at the LAN Party. Made to display some of the finest components that can be fitted into a small chassis, this rig is powered by Seasonic’s P860 PSU, Graphical prowess by an Asus GTX670 Dcu Mini, cables and chassis fans from BitFenix’s Alchemy Extensions and Spectre Pro, cooling from Gelid Solution’s The Black Edition!

This Digital camo Corsair Air 540, Mr. TuF 2.0 made another appearance!

Fine work of our friend Alex Wong, having those components painted in the digital camo design ain’t gonna be easy.

We see a lot of mini-PC in this event, free gift for the Q&A session.

Kasumi’s build for the LAN Party is a BitFenix Prodigy Orange

Mr. Teck Liang’s Corsair 450D lighted up!

We’ve never had the chance to get the Cooler Master test bench locally, but here’s a close up view of the test bench.

Here’s the BitFenix Phenom-M mod from our dear friend at, looks awesome right??

Everyone is checking out the master at work, Iren Modz is doing the LED installation work for the participants who bought the LED strips from the sales booth.

A special guest has arrived! The man behind the extreme builders aka!

A participant has gone for the BitFenix Shadow as his choice of upgrade for his PC chassis.

A lucky draw winner has been announced!

The prize of the lucky draw gave us a jaw drop, it’s the ROG Maximus VII Hero motherboard!

The lucky draw winner sure looks happy with his new found motherboard, giving us a thumbs up while being snapped.

The Awesome ASUS Essense III and Xonar Essense One booth, bringing audiophiles to a whole new level of eargasm. giving advise and tips on PC upgrades, you don’t get the chance of being guided by the pros everyday like this!

That’s a lot of gamepads! FIFA 2014 mini competition coming soon!

While waiting for dinner, we went out and took some shots of the surrounding. That’s DELL building at the opposite.

It’s MaGIC alright, great experience we have here!

The Obama Oval monument that keeps on rotating…

The actual look of MaGIC center…

KIRKBY University… misread as KIRBY when we first saw it.

SME3 building?

The AMD Global Services Center building is just around the corner.

We’re back with the Red Scout II rig, PSU is here and we’re ready to start kicking!

The red beast is ready rock the scene!

The prototype of the up coming Vector PC test bench is up running for display, can’t wait for the actual ETA of it!

Our dear friend Brian of is enjoying his game with his CM Storm gears.

Juan Chong from ASUS Malaysia is briefing us on the feature of the new GTX780 Strix.

Vahn from Vector PC is enjoying the comfy chair that he’s sitting on?

Say cheese!

Quek from Team MBT is having a good time.

The owner of ZEUS has been revealed?!

Awesome 4K display gaming experience on the Vector Desk PC powered by 2 piece of ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX780, game on!

Our mate is enjoying his DotA 2 gaming session with the others.

Mr. DJ is back to bring us more awesome mix of his.

FIFA 2014 mini tournament is going on now!

Serious look on their faces…

What’s going on at this side?

Grid 2 mini tournament is taking progress here! Awesome prize awaiting ahead!

Safety first is safety always!

Now this is sweet.

Iren Modz is giving speech on his Diamond Grade PC project work log and some inspiring words to those who are interested to get involved in the PC modding scene.

Presentation slides of the work log…

Surprise! It’s his birthday today!

Our dear friend Shahz with the new birthday cake for Iren Modz!

A heated up competition of CS:GO! Team ASUS Malaysia versus Team as the show stopper!

That’s all for day 2, we’re moving on to the day 3 coverage now so stay tuned!


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