We’re back with another event cover and this time, we’re at MaGIC Center, Cyberjaya for ASUS’s Master DIY Tour LAN Party. This is an event where PC enthusiast, power user, gamers, etc get to get along and mingle together, enjoying themselves with the common things that they love – PC DIY & Gaming.

Stealing the spotlight, but not for long
Early entrance to the  LAN Party venue, sea of ASUS VX239H monitors provided for the participants in a huge hall, tremendous effort by ASUS Malaysia in making this event possible.
Something that we’ve been waiting for quite awhile since it’s photos leaked, Vector PC has their up coming test bench on display! Pretty solid construction we’d say, let’s hope that it’ll be available soon.
The AMD R9 295X2 on display, a close range view on this AMD beast makes our heart pounding fast!
ASUS’ Demo PC on display, one sweet looking setup that really packs a punch!
The all new ASUS Strix GTX 780 OC is spotted on one of the demo PC at the event, it’s one unique card that we’ve ever seen so far – the fan doesn’t spin so long as the GPU temperature is below 65°C.
Another ASUS Strix product on display, the Strix Pro gaming headset. It has a pair of extremely large ear cups that gives better comfort for long hours usage. Stay tuned for its official arrival!
The ASUS Xonar Essense STX on one of the demo PC setup.
 The ASUS Echelon Gaming set in blue digital camo design.
Bitfenix Prodigy and Ronin make its appearance as an early bird. Attendees of the event are eligible to purchase selected BitFenix products at discounted prices!
The audio booth featuring the ASUS Essence III that brought ‘eargasm’ to a whole new level.
Kingston joined the line with their memory products.
Participant Quek from MBT (Malaysian Battlefield Team) is seen at the registration booth.
Our beloved friends from Pokde.net is here as well, along with their arsenal for the event.
High end rigs is much expected to be seen during the event, more eye candies coming!
Setting up for the LAN Party, expecting a lot of cool stuff from our dear friends here.
Large numbers of Cooler Master casing is spotted during the event, being the majority of all the casing around.
Some even brought in their own monitor from home to be installed, that’s what’s all LAN party is about – enjoy to the fullest!         
A really compact power machine from a participant, ideal for those who travels a lot.
Our dear Mr. Alex Wong, the person behind the Mr. TuF 2.0 is working on with his rig.
The awesome rig builders APES.my has joined the event as well, watch out for their highly poisonous rigs!
Not forgetting ourselves, we brought the cool-looking Silverstone Fortress 04 Silver Edition, courtesy of Silverstone Malaysia and Inter-Asia Technologies for a heck of a showcase.

The main star inside is the Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler (Courtesy of Noctua and Inter-Asia Technologies) taming the heat from our 4770K and thanks to BitFenix Malaysia for providing the Cool Alchemy cable to keeps things neat. Graphical power is by our own monster, the Asus GTX680 DirectCU II OC.

The Asus R9 280X DCU-II (provided bt Asus Malaysia) is featured in our Corsair setup, thanks to Cudo Technologies for providing the AX860i as well as the Asrock z97 Killer motherboard, Neutron and Neutron GTX series SSDs and the gold accented Vengeance Pro RAMs that goes well with our 330R and the H100i AIO cooler. 
Corsair lighting node LEDs are also plugged in and activated for all to see, it’s been configured to display LED according to the temperature – yes, that’s right! It can be configured with the Corsair link software.
BitFenix Headset spotted!! actually it’s our very own sample unit from BitFenix Malaysia.
NZXT Phantom 820 of Quek from Team MBT, wait till you see what he did inside this monster.
Check out the loops! a very neat presentation indeed, great work from Quek.
Another one of Team MBT’s rig, this one is modded in Asus ROG theme, a hardcore ROG fan it seems.
Side panels off and it’s a showcase rig complete with extension sleeves from both BitFenix and NZXT.
A line of Cooler Master rigs from other participants, being majority of the casing being used as far as we cal tell.
A Grenade!!! better make sure this participant doesn’t rage out and pull the pin (We found out that this is actually a hand grenade replica which is actually a storage canister… Phew..!!)
A totally DIY mod, the CM HAF-XM inspired by Titanfall?
Full attendance of Team-Pokde.Net
and while our dear friend Shahz is busy updating on social media, we’re off to take a shot at their sweet looking Corsair setup, very neat!
team MBT is in a hurry to game on! Quek’s weapon of choice seen here is the Corsair K90.
Spotted a NZXT H440 setup of our dear friends at Pokde.net, check out his Titan!
One of the participant’s custom mechanical keyboard, he’s from the local mechanical keyboard enthusiasts community of lowyat.net.
Mr. DJ is in the house to heat things up!
We’ve been following the work log since then, and here’s the long awaited Iron Man build from Mod’n’Go Design!
Cooling the components inside are some BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 120mm fans.
This Thermaltake lvl10 is also by Mod’n’Go Design, our master modder Iren Modz is currently working on it, so we’ll come back for a revisit when it’s done.
A Raven test bench if spotted, one of team APES.MY’s kickass build.
Corsair 350D based rig by Team APES.MY (No1)
Corsair 450D based rig by Team APES.MY (No2)
and a Corsair 250D rig by Team APES.MY (No3)
A neat NZXT Phantom 530 build
A new Parvum is spotted!! The cool loops done by APES.My – the Asiimov!
and the return of the original Parvum that was seen last year 
A BitFenix Prodigy gets an overhaul by Mod’N’Go, project ZEUS 
A Participant is showing us how he uses his Dual monitor setup and showing off how capable of the Razer Hydra is.
Team MBT’s Quek is announcing a mini BattleField 4 tournament
Strategy meeting time!!
Spotted a Cooler Master ScoutII setup on our rounds
Hans from Era of the Geeks Youtube channel is here to cover the event as well!
A very clean Cooler Master Cosmos II setup!
A view of the hall with participants already in the hall, still have some empty seats so we’ll be expecting more to come.
Let’s have a short break and…Dinner time!!

The Corsair 750D made an appearance afterwhile, from Team OKU.
Side panel off for a better view, Seasonic Platinum PSU is powering this monster of a setup
Team MBT seems to be having a good time here
Juan Chong of ASUS Malaysia is showing some visitors around.
First person to be spotted trying out the ASUS Strix setup with a game of Watch Dogs
Arriving late, Team OKU’s Jon showing off his Silverstone TJ11 – this is one sweet lookin rig!
inside is a dual water cooling loop with Aurora coolant
A Corsair 600T joined the fray as well
Also a baller-lookin Silverstone TJ07.
That’s all for Day-1! we’re heading home to prepare for Day-2!