Cooler Master has revealed the answer to extreme overclocking without involving costly NO2, the ML360 Sub-Zero AIO cooler.

Cooler Master ML360 Sub Zero

Made together in partnership with Intel, the ML360 SUB-ZERO uses thermoelectric cooling technology optimized with Intel Cryo Cooling Technology that reaches sub-ambient temperatures for superior cooling capabilities. The technique achieves the feat by allowing voltage to flow through a junction of 2 different conductors through the Peltier effect where heat is moved from one side of the junction to another, achieving heat removal.

While the heat is moved quickly from the CPU block, the 360mm radiator combined with the latest 2nd gen pump, gamers and overclockers are able to push their CPU chip to even higher clock speeds without pushing off the system balance that easily. The software-controlled cooler can also be adjusted to smartly adapt to CPU workloads to ensure high efficiency or go ham when extreme cooling is needed immediately.

Pricing and Availability

The Cooler Master ML360 Sub-Zero can be purchased at the price of RM1,499 now on through their Shopee page and authorized local dealers.


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