Following the recent launch of the HAF 700 Evo, Cooler Master has released a more affordable option for the HAF fans, the HAF 500 Mid Tower PC case.

Cooler Master HAF 500 PC Case featured

The HAF 500 is equipped with the classic dual 200mm ARGB fans and large mesh intakes for improved performance, build experience, and aesthetics. It comes with a rotatable 120mm SickleFlow fan that can be adjusted to fit various GPU lengths to accommodate different system layouts.

The case features an enormous space capable of housing up to seven 120mm fans or dual 360mm radiators, so even the most power-hungry systems currently won’t be limited. On top of that, the top panel is also fully removable which enables radiators and fans to be installed externally and reattached to the case for a more convenient setup.

Cooler Master HAF 500 PC Case 1

Pricing and Availability

The Cooler Master HAF500 PC casing is now available on the market in two color variants: Black and White, with a price of only RM459.


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