Cooler Master has announced that the upcoming Chronos Summit 2022 event will be a virtual one and will fully take advanAnnountage of the metaverse concept to showcase new products, projects, and services that excel in both form and function.

Chronos Summit 2022

Within the virtual space of Gather Town comprised of an 8bit metropolis, the brand will be accommodating professionals and business representatives alongside the community involving fans and content creators. Here, participants could create their own avatar, explore the city while interacting with all the new products and stand a chance to complete easter eggs and win prizes. The live keynote will be starting on February 13, 3 PM Malaysia time on Cooler Master’s Twitch channel so be sure to watch it!

Aside from that, there are a lot of products going to be announced and revealed at the event so we’ll run through some of the more outstanding ones.Cooler Master COSMOS C700M 30th Anniversary Edition Chronos Summit 2022

First, we have the COSMOS C700M 30th Anniversary Edition redesigned with a blue and purplish accent resembling the chameleon, it now hosts a full aluminum motherboard tray for more premiumness alongside a unique case badge and a couple of overall improvements to make sure the cOSMOS C700M is worthy to be a part of the 30th Anniversary Edition product lineup.

Cooler Master V1300 30th Anniversary Edition

To get the DIY stuff going, the renowned Platinum V1300 returns with a 30th Anniversary Edition as well that retains all of its high-performance traits of 100% Japanese capacitors, 50℃ operating temperature tolerance, 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency rating, and a hardware-based single/multi-rail switch while finished with the aforementioned chameleon-based color scheme at the side.

Cooler Master MK721 Chronos Summit 2022

Moving onto the peripheral section it seems like Cooler Master is going for the small keyboard direction as the new MK721 60% wireless keyboard comes with hybrid wireless connectivity while providing some of the core components of what you would find in the custom keyboard scene: Dial knobs, coiled cable, mech switches, you name it.

Cooler Master MM712

Next up is the MM712 which is the latest iteration of the brand’s most popular lightweight mouse with the weight game taken even serious in this game as it retains all the same pro-grade features of the MM711 while shedding even more heaviness away by opting for a seamless, hole-less profile to give it a responsive, agile and tactile experience.

Cooler Master SH711 Chronos Summit 2022

Speaking of seriousness, Cooler Master is also taking another step into the audiophile department through the SH711 wireless headset with double noise cancellation tech of the ANC and END that ensures complete undisturbed session in both music and hands-free calls experience. Running a unique dual chamber design, it provides a high audio quality that gives other brands a run for the money, and adding the convenient touch controls and triple connectivity options, the SH711 aims to bring you what other audio brands do but at a much lower price.

To be fair, there are still a lot of other products to be revealed at Chrono Summit 2022 so keep an eye out for them!


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