COLORFUL has announced a new flash-based storage product in the form of the WarHalberd CN600.

COLORFUL Warhalberd CN600 2

A no-nonsense product, COLORFUL has collaborated with Yangtze Memory and Maxio Technology by fitting the CN600 with the partner’s solutions of flash components and NVMe controller in order to provide high performance of transfer speed in its standard M.2 2280 form factor which is usable in pretty much any modern PCs, laptops and more. Offered in capacities of 256GB and 512GB, it can deliver speeds of up to 3300MBps read and up to 2600MBps write.


The COLORFUL Warhalberd CN600 NVMe SSD’s price tag is labeled at USD39 for 256GB and USD59 for 512GB. Local pricing in Malaysia may vary according to different sellers both offline and online.


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