Nowadays, it is difficult to surprise someone with the concept of mobile banking. Poland had enjoyed this opportunity for almost the whole decade when in 2012, several Polish banks developed an initiative to create a new payment method – Blik. With its help, it is possible to conduct purchases even without a physical bank card. Gamblers, for example, tend to use it for online casino payments. Casino Blik has become one of the most widespread payment methods in the gambling industry. If you are thinking about other payment methods, it is also popular in Poland to pay by SMS or in Polish “kasyno SMS”. The simplicity and the speed of payment operations have made Blik extremely popular among Polish citizens and foreigners who visit Poland.

What does Blik mean?

Blik is a popular payment method in Poland, which cooperates with 90% of all national banks. It uses a temporary code for the commitment of various financial operations. The Blik code is a 6-digit temporary code generated in the mobile application of your Polish bank. With the help of this code, you can quickly pay in-store and online, as well as deposit or withdraw cash without carrying a physical bank card. This method is applicable for different payments. Those who play casino games have found lots of benefits in Blik. Instant payments allow players to receive timely bonuses for exciting and promising games.

Where can I find the Blik code?

The Blik code should be generated in the mobile application of your bank. For this, for sure, it is necessary to download the required application. One should be attentive that the code is active only for 2 minutes. If it is not used, it will be necessary to generate a new one. As for now, 18 Polish banks already support Blik, and almost all of them have an English version.

Which operations are available?

Mobile banking and transfers to the phone are also quite innovative solutions. Not all states enjoy their advantages. With the help of Blik, you can send money to someone without even knowing their bank account. It’s just enough to know their phone number. A transfer sent through Blik is delivered immediately, regardless of the bank where the person has an account. Of course, both banks must support Blik technology, but this is a simple criterion because now this service is supported by almost every financial institution in Poland.

How to pay for your purchases in shops with the help of Blik?

Just simple steps are required to provide payment in the supermarket for your products:

  1. Tell the cashier that you want to pay with Blik. If you are at the self-service counters, choose the form of payment on the screen – Blik.
  2. Enter the bank’s mobile application and generate a Blik code.
  3. Enter the Blik code on the terminal.
  4. Confirm the transaction in your application.

How to commit a phone transaction via the Blik code?

As we already mentioned, the Blik code allows you to make instant transfers to people without knowing their bank account or card number, but only their phone number. The required steps are the following:

  • Enter your bank’s application and select the “Transfer to Blik phone” function. Choose the person from your contacts to whom you want to send money, or enter their number yourself.
  • Specify the purpose and amount of the transaction. The limit of one such transfer is PLN 500. You can transfer up to PLN 1,000 per day using BLIK to your phone.
  • Confirm the operation in the mobile application.

Final words

Blik is popular in Poland because it allows conducting dozens of transactions while having only your smartphone. It does not matter which bank is yours; Blik is available from any financial institution because of dozens of its benefits.


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