BlackBerry has introduced Cylance Assistant, a powerful new AI tool designed to help businesses fight cyber threats faster and more effectively.

What is Cylance Assistant?

Imagine a cybersecurity expert constantly by your side, whispering insights and recommendations in your ear. That’s essentially what Cylance Assistant is. This AI assistant leverages the power of generative AI to analyze vast amounts of data and provide real-time guidance to security analysts.

Key Benefits:

  • Faster Threat Response: Cylance Assistant helps security analysts understand complex situations quickly,allowing them to identify and stop threats faster.
  • Expert Guidance: No need to be a cybersecurity guru yourself. The AI assistant interprets data and suggests the best course of action, simplifying complex security issues.
  • Improved Efficiency: By automating tasks and offering on-demand guidance, Cylance Assistant frees up security analysts’ time to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Cost-Effective Security: Cylance Assistant is included with CylanceENDPOINT, a cybersecurity platform from Blackberry, so there are no additional costs for this AI assistant.

How it Works:

  • Always-on Threat Detection: Cylance Assistant works alongside security analysts, analyzing data and offering real-time recommendations.
  • Plain Language Insights: Forget complex technical jargon. Cylance Assistant translates complex data into clear,actionable insights.
  • Privacy-Preserved AI: BlackBerry prioritizes data security. Cylance Assistant uses responsible AI principles and doesn’t share customer data for training.

Overall, Cylance Assistant represents a significant leap forward in AI-powered cybersecurity. By offering real-time guidance and simplifying complex threats, this new tool can empower businesses to stay ahead of cybercriminals.


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