ASUS has announced they are joining ISC 2024 slated for next week by introducing the all new GenAI POD Solution to the world.


Built to satisfy the growing needs of AI supercomputing, fellow attendees will be able to see the NVIDIA MGX-powered AI servers inclusive of the ESC NM1-E1 + ESR1-511N-M1 as well as HGX GPU servers of ESC N8A-E12 and RS720QN-E11-RS24U in action.

For the MGX units, it contains the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip that excels in being used by AI-driven data centers where HPC, data analytics, and NVIDIA Omniverse-based applications are being deployed.

The ESR1-511N-M1 server makes a great example as the model focusing on facilitating machine learning and inferencing while packing enhanced thermal solution in addition to flexible configuration supporting 1U design plus 4x E1.S local drives via NVIDIA BlueFirled-3 as well as 4x PCIe 5.0 x16 slots.

As for the HGX servers, get up to 8x NVIDIA H100 + dual AMD EPYC 9004 CPU within a robust 7U sized server of that ESC N8A-E12 that can really churn through data sets or the RS720QN-E11-RS24U featuring NVIDIA Grace CPU made to accommodate up to 4 nodes within a 2U4N chassis, ideal for web servers, virtualization clouds, and hyperscale environments.

This particular model also comes with Direct-to-chip (D2C) cooling thanks to manifolds and cold plates support as well as rear door heat exchanger that were all industry-design standards compliant.


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