League of Legends which is known as LoL by gaming fans has been one of the most followed online multiplayer battle arena games developed by Riot Games for macOS and Windows platforms. The developers took inspiration from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod that is known as Defence of the Ancients. The players take over the role of characters known as the “champions” who have unique abilities and battle capabilities and limitations and play against a team of different players or computer-controlled champions. The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus which is a structure that is located at the center of a base that is protected by other defensive structures. The game objectives, rules, and maps vary in the different game modes. Some of the best LoL players of the world are:

  • Faker
  • DoubleLift
  • Uzi
  • Rekkles
  • Perkz
  • Huni
  • Doinb
  • Zven
  • Bengi

The LoL matches are discrete and have all the champions start off at relatively weak but gain more strength as time passes by. One can accumulate different items and experience while playing the game. Champions have different roles and have different quotes, metaphors, and weapons like the sword, steampunk, Lovecraftian horror, and sorcery. Champions from around the world compete in one of the biggest battle games. One of the biggest celebrities like Chrissy Costanza sang for the LoL tournaments. You can have a look at the LoL tournament using sports channels that are part of the Spectrum Silver channels and enjoy the ultimate gaming action from the tournament. Here are a few League of Legends characters or champions you can play with:



“I carve my kingdom beyond, from the ashes of nothing, no mortals, not even gods, will stop me from claiming what is mine.” The Mordekaiser is one of the strongest top laner champions in solo gaming. He dominates his lane in most of the matchups and transfers that into an ultimate victory after scaling up. The top lane meta favors bruisers. These guys can fill in the gap of the split pusher and becomes an effective team fighter most of the time. Mordekaiser and Darius are Juggernauts that fill the needs to a tee and provide extreme dominance and get heavy damage dealing and damage soaking in battles. If you are someone who doesn’t like to get into team fights, split pushers will always get you an unorganized team.



“The worth of a man can be measured by the length of his beard, and the girth of his belt buckle.” Berserker has been pushing away unwary players in the game across ranked divisions. Olaf gets you immense speed and sustains throughout the map early and starts snowballing the team to an ultimate win. Junglers are left to think over and decide if they want to focus on farming and get all the benefits or spam ganks for the team they are playing for. The game has more than 2 champions that are quite incredible no matter what kind of game you play. Olaf, Ekko, and Elise possess the ability to get a fair first clear and lead to gank attempts.



“The moon will rise. The night will last forever.” Diana is one of the bad news of the entire list where she is capable of destroying entire teams with Moonfall becoming one of the new abilities. Diana is one of the best states she is in and becomes a must pick or ban. With some of the new tricks and tools in her arsenal, she can scale to late and obliterates anybody who is caught in the Moonfall. Diana has the highest win rates than any other champions of the middle lane.



“So many weapons, Aphelios. The deadliest is your faith.” This is one of the newest champions to offer the ultimate ADC role. For many people, Aphelios has a lot of tools in the game. It has Severum which is a scythe pistol for sustain, Gravitum which is a gravity canon used for crowd control, Calibrum the sniper rifle which is idea for poke, Infernum the flamethrower that can damage to a vast area and chakram that targets a single target called the Crescendum. Apart from that, one of the top abilities called the Moonlight Vigil is going to get you to hit the jackpot. You can fry out the entire enemy team and the weapon gets applied to almost all targets. This way you can use Aphelios to hit a team fight by using the right weapons and the right. I would suggest that you should use a weapon like Infernum in the best manner possible.



“The dawn has arrived.” Leona is one of the brutal forces that makes its way through the lane phase and offers a lot of potential to engage and pick. Leona gets the job done and deals with zero damage. Blitzcrank, Nautilus and Leona are one of the top champions in the meta. You can consider adding up these champions to your pool. You can have a look at some characters who you would love to try out. Many of these characters or champions are given an upgrade as well. Try out League of Legends and use the ultimate gaming gear for better gameplay.

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