AMD Radeon 4GB RX 480 Are Actually 8GB And Can Be Unlocked 3
As the AMD fans scratches their head waiting for the fix from AMD, a new rumor suggest that the AMD Radeon 4GB RX 480 are actually 8GB and can be unlocked via BIOS update. Do note that the trick will only work (hopefully) for the early batches that actually comes with 8GB memory and the BIOS is what’s stopping it from accessing that extra 4GB. While there are no exact figures on how many pieces of these 8GB being sold as a 4GB, it is confirmed that AMD suffered quite a huge loss losing $30 for each card sold. 
For curious owner who wants to give this Easter egg a shot, do it at your own risk. As far as we can tell, there isn’t anyone who can actually provide a working BIOS that won’t get that card of yours killed. That’s right, you are taking the risk that could render your RX 480 useless if things gone horribly wrong. 
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