The GeForce GTX 1060 leaks and rumors has gotten quite a lot of attention for the past few days but it seems that NVIDIA doesn’t plans to keep us all occupied on the GTX 1060 for long. A new Pascal architecture based GTX Titan GP100 / 102 core, loaded with HBM2 might be coming soon, with its rumored launching in Gamescom 2016 which will he held in Germany this coming August 2016. 
The Pascal GTX Titan packs a whopping total of 3840 CUDA cores and will feature 50% better performance over the GeForce GTX 1080 which is already 25~30% better than the previous GTX Titan X. What’s more, the card will feature a 12 or 16GB HBM2 memory that will delivers 50% more bandwidth over the GDDR5X memory. With a amount of performance coming from the Pascal GTX Titan, we can expect 8+6 pin (300W) or 8+8 pin (375W) power connectors – Like it or hate it, this card is definitely a beast that’s gonna put a giant hole in your wallet by the time it launched.

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