World-leading monitor brand AOC is refreshing the AGON lineup to become ‘AGON by AOC’ for a clearer brand strategy and portfolio transparency.

The world’s leading gaming monitor brand, AOC is launching ‘AGON by AOC’ as the latest step of its global brand strategy to benefit gamers with an enhanced portfolio and more monitor choices. This global brand enhancement encapsulates an inclusive range of gaming ecosystems that welcomes players at all levels of ability, as they hone their skills and aspire to be their very best.  


Based on AGON’s statement, the biggest change we consumers are able to see is the new classification system covered across all of its products into 3 tiers which are ‘AOC Gaming’, ‘AGON’  and ‘AGON PRO’ going from the casuals to the enthusiasts level. Building an ecosystem that is easily identifiable is important for businesses that serve multiple types of users, AOC’s first step of getting confusion out of its customers is great and it can even attract newcomers to enter either the world of competitive gaming or just simply having a good time with fellow gamers.

With the categorization and rebranding all set, can we have some more of the collab products like the previous Porsche Design one?


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