Getting their products for review can be a challenge here back then because there’s no official distributor here in Malaysia but things have changed now because they’re finally here in Malaysia. For starters, we’ll be taking a look at the first V-Color memory kit to arrive here at the test lab, the V-Color Prism Pro RGB, thanks to the great folks at V-Color Malaysia.

The V-Color Prism Pro RGB sent to us is the Golden Armis variant that is specially made for overclocking, so let’s see how far can we go with this kit without actually destroying it in the process.


Capacity2 x 8GB2 x 8GB2 x 8GB
Dimensions137.16 x 38.1 x 7.62mm137.16 x 38.1 x 7.62mm137.16 x 38.1 x 7.62mm
WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty


The V-Color Prism Pro RGB kit we have here is the SCC kit, a DRAM plus filler kit combo which is especially useful for those who want to fully populate the DIMM slots on their motherboard for aesthetics purposes. You don’t have to worry about getting a non-matching kit like ours because you’ll definitely be getting a matching kit from the retail store as the unit we have here is a review unit specially prepared for our test.

The Prism Pro RGB Filler Kit

Starting off with the filler kit, you’ll normally get a pair of it that is matching the color of the functional unit that comes with it in the package. The Prism Pro RGB SCC kit is available in three different colors, Glacier White, Jet Black, and Silver Copper Alloy, according to the list on V-Color’s official website. Apart from being just a piece of decoration to fully populate your DIMM slots, it can also help to protect the contact point on the unused DIMM slots.

The Prism Pro RGB Golden Armis DDR4-4133 Memory Kit

For the actual functional kit, we can’t find any information on the Prism Pro RGB Golden Armis DDR4-4133 but the specifications are similar to the standard Prism Pro RGB Golden DDR4-4133 kit.  Taking apart the heatsink can be tough but because V-Color never intentionally modifies the SPD as some manufacturer does, you can actually see what kind of memory chips are used on this kit without having to go through all the trouble just to take a look at the physical chip itself. The information can be seen using Thaiphoon Burner as shown below:

Thaiphoon Burner

From the table above, we can see that the Prism Pro RGB Golden Armis DDR4-4133 here are using the H5AN8G8NDJR-VKC from SK Hynix, or better known as the Hynix D-die by the enthusiasts.

The RGB Lightings

The RGB lightings on the Prism Pro RGB kit are pretty standard I’d say – it doesn’t come with any crazy design or blindingly bright LEDs, which is good. I’m not exactly a fan of RGB lightings myself so I’ll usually disable any of the RGB lightings as much as I can but in case if you’re an RGB enthusiast who likes all the fancy lightings, customizing the lightings on the Prism Pro RGB is fairly easy because it can be done using most of the RGB software from the major motherboards brands.

Memory Overclocking Test

Moving on to the memory overclocking test, we’ve done the test on our Intel Z590 chipset motherboard based test bench with the following configuration:

CPUIntel Core i9-10900K / Intel Core i9-11900K
MemoryV-Color Prism Pro RGB Golden Armis DDR4-4133
Graphics CardGalax GTX 1660 SUPER 1-Click OC
Power SupplyCooler Master V1200 Platinum
Primary StorageCorsair Force MP600 2TB
Secondary StorageWD Black 6TB
CPU CoolerCooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R
ChassisStreacom BC1 Open Benchtable
Operating SystemWindows 10 64bit

V Color Prism Pro RGB Golden Armis DDR4 5066 CL20

Using our Z490 chipset setup with the ROG Maximus XII Apex and Intel Core i9-10900K, we’re able to hit DDR4-5066 CL20 with some adjustments to the timings and Vdimm at 1.62V. Going beyond that will require more work but we’re unable to get our DDR4-5333 CL20 configuration to get past our usual 400% on RunMemtestPro because it’ll always stop with errors at around the 200% mark.

V Color Prism Pro RGB Golden Armis DDR4 5866 CL23

The test is carried on with our new Z590 chipset setup, a ROG Maximus XIII Apex paired with an Intel Core i9-11900K, and we’re able to get a lot higher on the memory frequency this time. With this setup, we managed to achieve DD4-5866 CL23 after some struggle with the timings, and this is actually our personal new record on DDR4 memory overclocking. Do note that we’re only doing this for fun and we don’t recommend going with such configurations for daily use or 24/7 operation.

First Impression

While I don’t really see myself using the included filler kit any time soon because most of the motherboards I’m using right now only comes with 2 DIMM slots, I can somewhat see why some users will appreciate the included filler kit, especially those who favor its RGB lightings. For the aesthetics without RGB lightings, the mirror finish Silver Copper Alloy variant is probably my personal favorite despite being an obvious fingerprint magnet that will be a pain to take care of over the long run. Of course, they do have the Jet Black and Glacier white variant that fits nicely with the current trend as well.

For the customization of the RGB lighting, I’m actually quite surprised when I realize that it’s actually compatible with quite a lot of the motherboards I have with me. Instead of having its own just for the sake of customizing the RGB lightings like some which I’ve seen in the past, you can just use the RGB software from the motherboard itself to get the job done.

Apart from the filler kit which is only useful if you’re using a motherboard with 4 DIMM slots, the actual memory kit itself is great if you’re into memory overclocking for the fun, especially the Golden Armis variant because of its overclocking headroom. We can’t say the same for the standard Prism Pro RGB DDR4-4133 kit yet because the Golden Armis variant we have here is actually made better for overclocking purposes, but you should be able to get a pretty decent speed given that it’s also using the Hynix D die. Well, at least that’s our experience with some other memory kit with Hynix D die we’ve tested previously.

We have yet to see any official pricing on the Prism Pro RGB Golden Armis as this article is being written but if you’re up for the standard Prism Pro RGB SCC Kit, it’s currently available at the price of RM 649, which I think is a pretty fair deal for a reasonable DDR4-4133 kit that comes with a spare filler kit to give you more RGB juice.


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