Acer’s live stream a couple of days ago has revealed not only laptops and desktops but also new monitors and 4K projectors to serve gamers by providing more options, particularly to the couch gamers this time around.

Acer CB273U XV272U

For the monitors, 2 new displays are fulfilling different job scopes this time around as the CB273U is dedicated to the professionals by being a 1440p IPS panel that are capable display full 8-bit colors with color accuracy of Delta E <1 while providing premium features such as HDR10 and AMD FreeSync. Meanwhile, the XV272U KF is for serious gamers as it runs at a maximum of 300Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium compatibility while being VESA DisplayHDR 600 certified by taking advantage of the 90% DCI-P3 color gamut and Delta E<1 color accuracy. In short, it is one of the most high-end offerings in terms of a balance between performance and visual fidelity.

Acer L811 PREDATOR GM712 GD711

Debuting with the monitors are 3 new 4K projectors with 1 of them being the L811, an ultra-short throw projector that offers an incredible home theater experience with its HDR10 compatible thanks to the 3,000 lumens of brightness providing enough contrast headroom for brightness adjustment while offering a 120-inch projection size. It can also do 144Hz 24P via 3D BluRay if you have that sort of content ready or just go ham for the 240Hz refresh rate at 1080p where all of these modern techs is supported by the Acer EcoProjection tech to reduce standby power consumption and extending the laser’s lifespan by 30,000 hours. What’s more, it also comes preloaded with the app market to let users enjoy all the streaming and social media services with ease.

For the gamers, the Predator GM711 gaming projector utilizes LED as its source of light that is made to be compatible with consoles and PC systems right out of the box. What it offers is a superior color gamut of 125% Rec.709  with high dynamic contrast and HDR10 certification provided by the 4,000 lumens of brightness. Similar to the L811, it can project images either in standard 4K mode or high refresh mode at 1080p for consoles (120Hz) and PCs (240Hz) but with slighter smaller output at just 100-inch instead of the L811’s 120-inch. However, it does carry more input ports such as USB-A and HDMI 2.0. For those looking for traditional lamp-based projectors, the Predator GM712 achieves almost the same.


The new Acer monitors and 4K projectors are slated for release during the upcoming winter season at the following MSRP:

  • Acer CB273U – USD439.99
  • Acer XV272U KF – USD1,099.99
  • Acer L811 – EUR2,599
  • Acer Predator GD711 – EUR1,499
  • Acer Predator GM712 – EUR1,399

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