BenQ Malaysia has announced that they have brought in 2 new gaming displays with one from the MOBIUZ family and another from the ZOWIE series which the new mouse is also part of the lineup as well.


Starting off is the ultrawide and curved MOBIUZ EX3415R gaming monitor that provides a respectable 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response rate coupled with AMD FreeSync Premium and BenQ’s in-house Black eQualizer and Color Vibrance feature set which are sufficient for most gamers that are looking for that expanded horizontal estate for more immersion and BenQ’s focus on this product is also for that aspect as the display carries the HDRi technology that not only adjusts brightness according to the content but also taking in the factor of ambient lighting to really give u the real experience without overexposing bright areas or over dimming shadows and stuff. Leveling up the overall QoL is the built-in treVolo speakers that serve as a decent output if you don’t have one running in your setup.


For the more competitive gamers, the new XL2746K now features a smaller base to allow gamers to fit more of their gears or just simply more desk space for bigger overall movements while the slightly improved adjustment angle can be a lifesaver in rare cases. Additionally, the new XL-K series monitors starting with this one will come with the OSD menu for quick profile access and a snappier scrolling thanks to the new 5-way scroll wheel. Succeeding the original XL2746K, it just carries everything the old model provides – 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms GtG response rate, DyAc+ technology for less motion blur, Black eQualizer for proper brightness management, Color Vibrance that provides vivid color range, and more.


Finishing up the announcement is the ZOWIE EC3-C, yet another derived version of the original EC3 that sports an ergonomic design to fit multiple gripping styles together with new upgrades such as reduced weight, paracord cables, 24-step scroll wheel which can be the new gear for modern FPS games that requires gamers to move their aim vertically more frequently as compared to traditional titles such as CS: GO.

Pricing and Availability

Oh, you lucky BenQ fans. All of these 3 items are already available for purchase on both online platforms and offline resellers’ physical stores to power up your gaming experience starting today.


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