GIGABYTE has announced the Zero Bright Dot Guarantee for all the AORUS tactical gaming monitors, going back to the debut of the World’s First Tactical Gaming Monitor, the AD27QD. Users receive zero-bright dot guarantee valid within one year of original purchase. AORUS tactical gaming monitors offer numerous game-assist features and impeccable display quality, along with exclusive Active Noise Cancelling technology, allowing users to immerse themselves in the game while enjoying high-quality audio-visual experience.

AORUS AD27QD Gaming Monitor Featured

The common question is, what causes the bright dot? During LCD panel production there are inevitably a certain amount of panels that may be imperfect due to mass production, which cause permanently lit pixels, commonly known as “bright dots” on the screen. The manufacturers of the industry normally offer maintenance for bright dots(at least three) under the warranty period.

However, AORUS believes that a conditional guarantee is not good enough, only unyielding commitment is suitable for our users. As a brand constantly seeking for high standards and quality, AORUS is proud to announce an industry-leading warranty that guarantees all AORUS tactical gaming monitors with Zero Bright Dot within one year of original purchase.

Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD Gaming Monitor Computex 2019 Best Choice Award

With AORUS’s Zero Bright Dot Guarantee, users will truly experience the ultimate performance without having to tolerate any defects inflicted on the battlefield. The perfect monitor on hand, combined with AORUS exclusive tactical features: Aim Stabilizer, GameAssist, Customizable Crosshair, AORUS Dashboard, and user-friendly OSD Sidekick control, leads users towards victory in the game.

Available AORUS Tactical Gaming Monitor models (until August 2019) are the AD27QD, KD25F, FI27Q, FI27Q-P, CV27F, and CV27Q.


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