The latest Windows 10 20H1 Insiders Preview update is now available for users through Windows Insider Program and unsurprisingly it is one of the bigger updates around with it surpassing the November 2019 update.

Information is what users need

Starting off with the Task Manager, users can finally take a look at the temperature of their GPU without relying on 3rd party software alongside the type of storage devices connected (HDD, SSD) which is crucial for multiple drives that have the same level of storage limit.

Microsoft apparently improved upon disk usage during Windows Search as well by adjusting the priority level of the search dynamically to suit the current situation. I mean, the current Windows Search is already quite frustrating as it shows many different things but not the thing that I am searching for.

Search Home also gets an update where keywords like “weather”, “movies”, “news” resides at the bottom for quicker searches.

Safe Mode is about security and safety, and now it is safer

Safe Mode now comes with PIN login authentication and will support Windows Hello facial unlock if necessary. On the other hand, by turning on the “passwordless devices” option, it essentially forces every single login to be either PIN-based, fingerprint, or facial input.

On the subject about security, IP-based cameras are now supported natively within Windows 10 by simply connecting them without the use of 3rd party software. DIY CCTVs could utilize this feature more so than you think.

Windows Update, here we go again

Optional Updates for Windows 10 are mostly vulnerability fixes for certain programs alongside driver updates by 3rd party companies. Users can find them all at once within the “Optional Update” tab.

Speaking of updates, Microsoft now allows users to reset their PC through cloud services, essential performing soft formatting without deleting user data. It works like the Media Creation Tool but also including the reformatting as well.

Other changes

Here are some of the lesser changes introduced within the update in a summarized form:

  • Paint and Notepad can be uninstalled
  • You can type in Cortana now without speaking
  • All new Linux Kernel WSL 2
  • Tablet Experience for a better touch screen experience
  • Xbox Game Bar now has FPS counter
  • Virtual Desktops are renamable
  • No more force wipe onto Download folder with Disk Cleanup
  • Kaomoji ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
  • Better text prediction and autocorrection

With the enormous amount of features, improvements implemented with this patch, hopefully, it won’t start crashing PCs left and right again.

Sources: howtogeek, Microsoft


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