Right amidst the month of February, we have words from Sun Cycle that they are getting a bunch of PC Cases from Tecware, Fractal Design, and Jonsbo. Let’s check them out.

Tecware neo M2 PC Case

First up is the Tecware neo M2 TG ARGB MATX case, which offers a simple yet stylish design at a low price point. It has two 140mm front fans, a 120mm rear fan, and two 140mm RGB fans pre-installed for great airflow, as well as a slide-in mounting mechanism for the tempered glass side panel.

Fractal Design North PC Case

Moving on to Fractal Design’s casings, the North series features open front panels that are built with real walnut or oak and fine-patterned mesh ventilation. It comes with two 140mm Aspect PWM fans and users are also able to install a GPU up to 355mm, or GPU up to 300mm when paired with a 360mm front radiator.

Fractal Design Torent Series White PC Case

Following that is the Torrent series in white color this time, instead of the good old black color. In case you’re interested, you can check out these bad boys over here in this article which we have covered previously!

Fractal Design Ridge PC Case

Also from Fractal Design, the Ridge is here to satisfy small form factor PC enthusiasts. Despite its compact size, it can accommodate GPUs length of up to 335mm. On top of that, all of its panels can be removed and a PCIe 3.0 riser card is also included to provide users with more GPU placement options.

Jonsbo D31 D41 Series PC Case

Finally, we have the Jonsbo D31 Mesh MATX, D31 Standard Screen and Mesh Screen MATX, as well as D41 Mesh Screen ATX Case. All of these cases have a large area of internal chassis panel with ventilation holes to provide adequate cooling to the system.

Notably, the Screen versions adopt an 8″ LCD display panel that enables users to readily view hardware status or animated wallpaper. Additionally, the screen can be detached and function as a multitasking secondary monitor on a desktop.

Pricing and Available

All the introduced items this week are currently acquirable in Malaysia at the prices below:

  • Tecware neo M2 — RM159
  • Fractal Design North Charcoal Mesh (Black/White) — RM659
  • Fractal Design North Charcoal TG Dark (Black/White) — RM659
  • Fractal Design Torrent RGB White — RM1,099
  • Fractal Design Torrent Compact RGB White — RM779
  • Fractal Design Torrent Nano RGB White — RM669
  • Fractal Design Ridge ITX (Black/White) — RM659
  • Jonsbo D31 Mesh MATX (Black/White) — RM219/RM229
  • Jonsbo D31 Mesh Screen MATX (Black/White) — RM419/RM439
  • Jonsbo D31 Standard Screen MATX (Black/White) — RM399/RM419
  • Jonsbo D41 Mesh Screen ATX (Black/White) — RM459/RM479

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