The announcement of the availability of DDR5 RAM sticks in capacities of 24GB and 48GB last month officially opened up a new era of home computing as these used-to-be server class figures are now obtainable from shelves across retailers and authorized resellers. As such, MSI is brightly announcing the support of those monstrous numbers for its Intel 700 and 600 series motherboards.

MSI MEG Z790 GODLIKE Motherboard

Inclusive of the MEG, MPG, MAG, and PRO family of products, those with just a pair of DIMM slots can be toughened up to a total of 96GB RAM while quad setups are striking for the 192GB ceiling and yes, there’s no updates or whatever on the user side needed to enjoy their super high capacity battle station – just unbox, plop them into the system, and hit it with some of your favorite titles or productivity applications.

Micron Crucial DDR5 RAM

According to today’s market, Micron is the only one so far who has announced their own 24GB and 48GB modules under the Crucial series that are both Intel XMP and AMD EXPO compatible with transfer rates of 5200MT/s and 5600MT/s with CL46 latency at 1.1V. The price is currently unknown, however, but expect to pay up to as much as a full mid-range rig for that 192GB combo alone.


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